Cook / RT Strategies just came out with what seems like their first ever Bush poll. They report a -11 spread (approve minus disapprove), which is one of the best results for Bush in a while if you discount the Rasmussen stuff.

Does anyone know the background on this outfit? Are they independent or partisan?

Not sure if they use any screen (in any case the Rep/Dem breakdown seems right, so that shouldn't be an issue), but the difference relative to the other polls might just come from using stronger language for the weak disapprove option than most other polls (specifically, they include the word 'disapprove' rather than one of the less loaded proxies for disapproval that are commonly used).

There's also the possibility that (gasp!) Bush might have recovered a bit (the poll dates are 17-20), although it's hard to tell since this outfit doesn't have previous polling history to provide a benchmark.

There's other interesting stuff in the poll:

  1. The strength of negatives on Bush job approval is, as we've become used to, stunning (26 strongly approve, 43 strongly disapprove)

  2. Democratic voters are much more motivated than Republican voters (see the question 'how likely you are to recommend that a friend or neighbor vote for', on a scale of 0 to 10, averages are for Dem=4.8, for Rep=3.9)

  3. Huge negatives on direction of country question (31 positive, 61 negative)

  4. Some mildly interesting polling on attitudes towards J. McCain and H. Clinton, strengths and weaknesses, etc. (H.C. has much stronger recognition, also more negatives, mostly for being 'too liberal')

Result for Bush job approval

TOTAL Approve 41
TOTAL Disapprove 52

Strongly approve 26
Somewhat approve 14
Lean approve 2
Neither/Not sure/Mixed (VOLUNTEERED)/Do not lean 5
Lean disapprove 2
Somewhat disapprove 7
Strongly disapprove 43
Not sure/refused 2


Thinking about all the problems and challenges this country has to face, do you think this country is making a good effort to solve its problems, or, are you seriously disappointed?

Making a good effort 31
Seriously disappointed 61
Mixed/Some of both (VOLUNTEERED) 6
Not sure/refused 1


Republican 31
Independent 35
Democrat 33

TOTAL Pro-life 46
TOTAL Pro-choice 48

You can get the report here:

If you have more info on Cook / RT Strategies please share here, otherwise feel free to use this as an open thread for poll junkies, as there hasn't been one in a while.

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