"Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, Rage against the dying of the light."
--Dylan Thomas

Great, so now I'm tired and I'm full of rage. Merry Christmas. Tired of being warned before every family gathering to keep my politics to myself. Tired of trying to connect the dots between scandals - (Mariana Islands to Jack Abramoff to Michael Ledeen to Niger docs?) Tired of all my "radical" friends who have either sold out or moved even further onto the fringes of our society - subsisting as neo-luddite hippie anarchists. At least they are happy, but how can they be? Our country is in crisis! Well maybe because it's the holidays, a New Year is approaching, a time when all the world's problems are spackled with hope, draped in garland and forgotten for at least a moment in carols, wassail and merriment.

Truth is, these days only my family and friends bring me any joy. Politics after umpteen years has just been one heartache after another. Every time I see Barlett or Melman (I think they'd make a great couple) I'm convinced that the system is broken. America is broken. I just don't have the time or energy to help fix it over the holidays.

I'm going to spend the rest of the year away from this madness, away from this fetid cesspool that is national politics. Hopefully, Fitz will make our season merry. But what joy is there, really? Our president is an idiot! Yeah! Our leaders are corrupt! Yeah! There is an evil shadow government! Mainstream media shills for powerful interests! No joy in Mudville...

I want to see my kids' eyes filled with hope on Christmas eve. I want to see their faces filled with wonder on a snowy Christmas morning. I want my wife to kiss me and and wipe away her tears of joy as she opens her gift. I don't need W's nasally, quasi-preacher, flag waving hokum twanging in my ears or Cheney's frumpy, grumbly mumbo-jumbo bouncing around in my rapidly shrinking brain. Enough of this GOP nonsense, it is the most odious fascist regime in this country's history, and if half the population is okay with that, well it's their problem not mine, not this Christmas! (Rage, rage, rage)

(Cleansing breath)

I will pray for peace on earth, remembering those who fight and die in this illegal and immoral war and in all the conflicts around this world.
(I'll probably tell my uncle on Xmas Eve about the folks who heckled Ann Coulter off the stage this week.) But that's it. I'm going home for Christmas and I will be of good cheer. I know that better days are coming.
Keep fighting the good fight, Kossacks. Rage rage - keep that light burning bright.
Happy holidays to all... See you in '06 when we take our country back...
Oh, and -Treasons Greetings! (sorry, couldn't resist...)

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