The Serenity Flanvention starts today at the Hilton Burbank Airport & Convention Center. I won't be there. I couldn't afford the trip from Texas, much less tickets to the events.

But I realized that there was a way I could participate. There are convention activities that benefit the organization Equality Now, a favorite charity of Joss Whedon. From their website, "Equality Now works to end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world through the mobilization of public pressure."

So I'm participating as a fan, during the weekend of the convention, by donating  to Equality Now. I encourage all Whedon-Serenity-Firefly fans to do the same. Donate today, tomorrow, or Sunday, during the Flanvention.

Around 500 fans are anticipated at the Flanvention. Wouldn't it be great if another 500 fans contributed to Equality Now over the same weekend?

And unless someone has a better idea...
Let them know who we are by entering "Daily Kos" in the "Other" field under "How did you hear about Equality Now?"

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