Why should I vote for a party that sells me down the river at every opportunity?  More significantly, why should I trust or respect anyone who either:

a) Has no vision, no guts, no willingness to stand for what is right and against what is clearly evil

or (worse yet)

b) Wants to bamboozle me into believing that they are a true alternative when their every action tells me that they just want to keep their cushy jobs, replete with all manner of perks and privileges?

I'm not just tilting at windmills here.  The reality of the situation is below the fold.  

When was the last time the Democrats stood up for you?  

Was it when all but one of them voted to illegally invade a sovereign nation, spawning a clusterfuck of a war that should not have cost one drop of blood or one dollar of treasure but has instead cost lakes of blood and billions of treasure?

Was it when they refused to look at the preponderance of evidence that elections were rigged?  When not a ONE of them would support the Congressional Black Caucus in formally objecting to the fraudulent 2000 result, as pointed out by Michael Moore and others?

Was it when they signed off on a bankruptcy bill that effectively sold each and every one of us into debt slavery?

Was it when they elevated the fascist-in-Democrap's-clothing Joe Lieberman to the status of vice presidential candidate?  (Sure, blame Nader, but you assholes de facto voted for Smokin' Crater Joe when you voted for Gore.)

Was it when they refused to filibuster Bush's buttboy, Alito, who surely offers the best guarantee BushCo has that their every odious move will meet with the full approval of the Judicial Branch, and provides a Get Out of Jail Free card to the whole hideously corrupt gang of NeoConArtists?

Oh, I could go on, but I've more important broad strategic points to make, namely:

Democraps have been selling this bullshit "cave to the middle" strategy for eleven long years, and it has led to the Repukes taking Congress in '94, to Bush taking the White House, to the war, to the debt slavery bill, to the tax giveaway to the richest, to the Great Medicare Boondoggle, and to numerous other ignominious results which I am undoubtedly failing to mention in my haste to get this post up.

Given that this strategy has failed miserably for eleven years yet continues its long march into the abyss, the only logical conclusion points to one of two possibilities:

1) the Democrap leadership is either more retarded than Bush himself


2) just as corrupt.

I pray that the truth lies in option 1) because I really want to believe that the Democraps are at least morally superior to the Repukes if not (clearly) strategically.

Why have the Repukes kicked our asses?  Bluntly, because they have been fighting us at every turn as we have capitulated and gazed on in barely concealed starry-eyed admiration of their  moxie.  America respects a fighter and despises a capitulator.  If the Democraps remain incapable of grasping this basic truth, they deserve to keep losing until their relevance pales in comparison to a flea beneath the collar of the Repukes.  

Oh yeah, before I forget, one more point:

Middle America hates Bush.  Fight him, and you win.  Capitulate to him, and you suck.

VETO ALITO, ya pussies!  Veto every nominee until we stomp their fat fascist asses in '08!  

Originally posted to ChuckLin on Fri Jan 13, 2006 at 05:23 PM PST.


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