From the WaPo, here's just the latest example of the latest abuse of the public trust by the Bush Administration. First, the Trojan Horse of the FDA [now stuffed with Pharma lobbyists] approves drugs known to have deadly side effects-- and doesn't bother to inform the public about same. Then they attempt to block citizens' Consitutional right to petition the Courts for redress of injury:

People who believe they were injured by drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration should not be allowed to sue drug companies in state courts, the agency said yesterday in a formal policy statement.

Why would Pharma want that? Let's see--could it be because the federal courts are packed with biz-friendly Republican judges?

"The fact that the drug industry can get the FDA to rewrite the rules so that CEOs can escape accountability for putting dangerous and deadly drugs on the market is the scariest example yet of how much control these big corporations have over our political process," he said.

Without state product liability laws, the critics said, drug companies could escape responsibility for injuries and deaths caused by drugs such as Merck & Co.'s Vioxx, which an FDA medical officer estimated had killed as many as 55,000 Americans.

They are killing us. They are, quite literally, killing us.

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