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And we wouldn't want anyone to feel pain.

It will not surprise me a BIT to see every single Republican-controlled state pushing forward laws like this one and the South Dakota legislature's douchebaggery by the end of the year:

Thanks to the heads up from The Johnny.

From Associated Press

Ind. Proposal: Life Starts at Conception
By DEANNA MARTIN, Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana women seeking an abortion would be told life begins at conception under a proposal that would give the state one of the furthest-reaching abortion consent laws in the country.

Only one state -- South Dakota -- has gone so far in what it orders doctors to tell women before they can get abortions, and that law has been blocked by a court.


Indiana is one of 29 states with "informed consent" laws that require women seeking an abortion to receive information about the procedure, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive rights organization in New York and Washington, D.C., that researches and tracks state abortion legislation.


Only South Dakota has beginning-of-life language similar to Indiana's proposal, which would require women seeking an abortion to be informed in writing that "human life begins when a human ovum is fertilized by a human sperm."


The Indiana bill also would require abortion providers to tell women that a fetus may be able to feel pain. Such notice is required in Arkansas, Georgia and Minnesota, but those states specify that it applies to fetuses at 20 weeks gestation or later, while Indiana's proposal does not specify a gestation period.


The proposed changes cleared the Republican-controlled House on a 70-30 vote Feb. 1; a committee of the GOP-led Senate is set to consider the bill this month.

Republican Rep. Tim Harris, the Indiana bill's House sponsor, said he did not intend to restrict abortion.

"We in no way infringe on a woman's right to an abortion," Harris said. "That's still legal. That is still the law of the land."


In other words, doctors in Indiana will be forced by law to tell women seeking abortions that they are murdering a human being and causing it pain in the process.

Welcome to Fucked World. Torturing and killing a blastocyst is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Never mind that hooded, handcuffed, bleeding man behind the curtain...

But hey, let's keep supporting Democrats Against Reproductive Freedom; after all, they ARE Democrats!

And besides, we've already lost the SCOTUS. Nothing left to lose, huh?

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