The Taylor Marsh website is highlighting the Cheney shooting - The Dick Cheney Shooting Cover-Up Deepens - and is linking to an instructive Alex Jones video in which Jones shoots a variety of targets from distances of 90 feet, 30 feet, and 15 feet, and concludes, based on the pellet spread pattern and the depth of entry, that Whittington was no more than 15-18 feet away from Cheney when Cheney fired.

Rather than my repeating Marsh, let her say it.
Jones reminds us that Cheney says he wheeled 180 degrees around, which is a real break in hunting rules. You never shoot anywhere but in front of you, especially with hunters that are not in the hunting line, which was the case with Cheney's hunting accident. Very few normal hunting rules were followed.

Jones then shoots at different lengths away from the target. When shooting at a raw chicken at 30 yards, the bb didn't even stay in the chicken. As for the watermelon he shot, "just a few of the shot hit the watermelon." It went around 3 millimeters into the melon.

Alex Jones believes Whittington was shot at 15-18 feet. Our assessment, after our field test, was around 15 feet as well. Though very hard to view, this simulation is much better and more accurate than the previous one offered, though I understand it was well intentioned. It's just that after our own research there is simply no way Dick Cheney was 30 yards away from Mr. Whittington.

The evidence is amassing so that the mainstream media will have to eventually pick this fact up, hopefully with other gun and bird experts weighing in.

Personally, I found the video convincing. Whether the MSM picks this up remains to be seen.

If Cheney lied about the distance, what other lies were told? This may not be over. Things could get interesting.

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