This USAToday survey, originally from the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, lays it all out, crystal-clear:

"The vast majority of people pushed to the brink of financial collapse by circumstances over which they had no control," said Brad Botes, executive director of the NACBA. "Abuse of the process is the rare exception, not the rule."

Damn those welfare queens and their new Cadillacs! Damn them!

And, of course, something we already knew all along:

Additionally, 79% of those surveyed were seeking bankruptcy due to circumstances beyond their control, defined as emergency medical expenses, loss of employment, higher minimum payments on credit cards, change in marital status or other unexpected events.

(Bold was mine.)

That "higher minimum payments on credit cards" really jumped out at me, though. Hmmm... causing credit ruin in an attempt to prevent credit ruin? I don't think that's something the Republicans could ever do. Nuh-uh. They're not that shortsighted.

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