As I watched the tapes of brain dead Bush doing nothing before Katrina slammed into the Gulf, I had my usual visceral reaction that Bush is inept and incompetent and this tape was more proof of it.  Then I had one of those eureka moment - Bush has really institutionalized ineptness.  

Bush's government is based on Ineptocracy.

Now to begin we have to visit the definition of inept:

Inept - generally incompetent and ineffectual

Yep that defines W and most of the RepublicSCUM hacks around him.

More below the fold:

However, at this stage of the game it's obvious that the ineptness of this administration has become institutionalized.  

To help develop the word ineptocracy, we need a comparative (but contrasting) word and that would be meritocracy, which is defined as:

Meritocracy - the belief that rulers should be chosen for their superior abilities and not because of their wealth or birth.

There is evidence that ineptness has been institutionalized in this administration, and thereby creating the need for the word ineptocracy, which is defined as:  

Ineptocracy - the belief that rulers should be chosen for their generally incompetent and ineffectual qualities.  

There is compelling evidence this is an operating concept of the Bush administration.  

After Bush's America occupied Iraq, many of the members of the Baghdad American embassy were selected for their loopy ideological beliefs - thereby guaranteeing their ineffectual qualities would rise to the top, (or is that sink to the bottom).  

Ineptocracy was clearly institutionalized and demonstrated in the second Bush administration when many of the most inept members of the first administration were promoted to higher positions in the government, or were given the Medal of Freedom.  Proof positive that ineptocracy exists.  

Ineptocracy spawns a couple of other words.  We have the noun Ineptocrat:

Ineptocrat, noun - an official of an ineptocracy
(Alternate definition - someone who isn't worth a pinch of dog shit)

And we have the adjective Ineptocratic:

Ineptocratic, adjective - of or relating to or resembling an ineptocrat or an ineptocracy

Used in a sentence, "The ineptocracy of the Bush administration, staffed with ineptocrats, resulted in an ineptocratic response to the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.

So spread the word(s) Kosaks - incorporate ineptocracy, ineptocrat, and ineptocratic into your every day language when you communicate your feelings about Bush to your friends and family.  

As a matter of disclosure a Google search reveals limited use of these words in the English language going back at least a decade.  It would wonderful to see greater use of them.  


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