Democracy 21 and the "reform community" have issued another press release compiling quotes in support of the CDT proposal, including one from our good friend Carol Darr, who was last seen sending threatening letters to the FEC about this site.

Anyway, if they really want to rush HR 4900 as a viable alternative to the Online Freedom of Speech Act without the benefit of hearings -- which seems to go counter to the whole ethos of these groups, but anyway -- I think we ought to understand the answers to some questions.

So Democracy21, Campaign Legal Center, Carol, etc., could you help us out in answering these three questions?

  • Do you believe that HR 4900 protects every aspect of DailyKos.com's current activities, including its being organized as an LLC, its receiving advertising revenue from a mix of candidates, parties, 527s and other groups, its fundraising on behalf of federal candidates and its provision of free space for posting to Democratic candidates?  Or do you still insist that this site is a political committee whose activities would be tightly regulated under HR 4900?

  • Do you believe that what DailyKos.com does should be free from the regulatory burdens of campaign finance law?  

  • Do you pledge that you would not file a complaint with the FEC or in any other venue against DailyKos seeking to restrict its current activities if HR 4900 passes?

If any of these groups want to email me a response, I am happy to post it in its entirety.

But without solid answers to questions like these, this community needs to support HR 1606.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Tue Mar 14, 2006 at 12:39 PM PST.

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