The wankers over at the Sierra Club are sending out this email trying to justify their endorsement of Lincoln Chafee in the Rhode Island senate race.

Watch how they are cherry picking votes in order to justify the endorsement. From their email response:

It was alleged on the political blog Daily Kos that Senator Chafee's voting record was 20%. In fact, the most commonly consulted environronmenal voting record is produced by the League of Conservation Voters, which gave him a 90% voting record for the 109th Congress, 2003-2004.

As an aside, Chafee's lifetime record on the LCV scorecard is a less respectable 78 percent. But more on point, note how the Sierra Club insinuates that the "20 percent" number is somehow fictional? "Alleged"?  In reality, that number is based on the five votes the Sierra Club urged passage of this year. From the environmental magazine Grist:

It's true that the Sierra Club essentially gave Chafee a 20 percent rating in 2004 based on five particular votes deemed important that year, two of them on whether to cut off debate on judicial nominees the Sierra Club opposed.

So the Sierra Club is lying when it pretends that "20 percent" number is not a real gauge of Chafee's environmental record this year. But it gets worse. From the email:

We are currently engaged in highlighting votes that we will use to perform a similar evaluation of the 2005-2006 Congressional cycle.  We have tenatively identified seven key environmental and trade votes, and Senator Chafee has voted correctly on all seven.

There were five votes the Sierra Club urged passage of in 2004. Chafee voted with the Sierra Club on just one of them. A reprise of that, with people now paying attention, wouldn't look to good for their good pal Chafee, so what do they do? They look for "seven key environmental votes" in 2005 that Chafee voted for in order to justify their endorsement.

Will Alito's vote be on there? I mean, having a virulently anti-environment judge on the Supreme Court for 40 years should count as an "anti-environment vote", right? Well, of course not. (And yes, Chafee voted against Alito, but only after voting for cloture which was the only vote that mattered.)

What about Chafee's vote for a polluter lobbyist to head the EPA office in charge of clean air? Nope, doesn't look like that vote will be there either.

Chafee voted against the Sierra Club in four out of five key votes last year. Then they lied about it. Now they are cherry picking their "key votes" list so that all of Chafee's terrible, anti-environmental votes aren't listed.

How positively ... Republican of them.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Mon May 01, 2006 at 10:08 AM PDT.

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