For some time, I've been wondering what the results to a poll on gun ownership amongst Kossacks might be.  Devilstower's diary on Pombo (excellent, and well worth a read) reminded me of this again.    dt writes about the power of the alliance between environmentalists, hunters and fishermen which formed in opposition to (and defeated) the public lands giveaway Pombo Amendment last fall.

And, with some luck - and work, will turn the tide from GOP to Dem control of the Congress this fall. As I've repeated several times (including in Jon Tester's diary this afternoon) the Western Strategy has excellent potential.

Don't think I get enough readership to get large number of replies.  But WTF, instead of saying I'd like to see it, why not just do it?

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How many guns do you own?

50%150 votes
13%41 votes
10%32 votes
7%22 votes
4%13 votes
4%12 votes
2%8 votes
0%1 votes
1%3 votes
0%1 votes
5%17 votes

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