It was a only matter of time, and all I have to say is: "What took them so long?"
Republicans have accused Democratic U.S. House candidate Stephanie Herseth of maintaining a secret Web page to receive campaign donations raised from ads on liberal groups' Internet sites.

But a Herseth campaign official scoffed at the charge, saying the Web page is not secret and can be found easily with a standard search of the Internet [...]

The Herseth Web page takes campaign donations from people directed there from Internet sites called "blogs," which are online bulletin boards that feature journals, opinionated articles and messages.

"There's a reason she's got that secret site. She doesn't want to advertise the fact she's doing this," Glodt said Thursday.

So... when you clicked on Herseth's public ad, on the public Daily Kos, on the public Internet, taking you to a public website, that can be accessed by the public -- you were actually visiting a secret web site.

Got that? Idiotic Republican logic at its best.

Update: Thanks to the secret technology called Google, I was able to find the secret page. Check out the secret message clearly inconsistent with South Dakota values:

Thank you for visiting my website! Please take a moment and explore the links to the left and read up on my background, the campaign, and South Dakota. And don’t hesitate to contact our campaign with any questions or concerns. We have an exciting chance to make history in South Dakota on June 1st – and I’m glad you want to be a part from the start.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saying 'thank you'? Exploring links? Reading up on South Dakota? Just wait 'till South Dakotans learn about such depravity!

And while visiting that secret page, don't slip up on that secret "Contribute Online" link. We don't want anyone hurting themselves.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Fri Mar 26, 2004 at 02:40 AM PST.

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