The latest in a continuing series trying to make sense of of how or why Republicans have no sense of irony.

As you have no doubt heard, Tom Delay is linking for support to Steven Colbert, who has been the happy beneficiary of a phenomena described in previous entries here and here expounding on my perplexion (word?) that Republicans have no sense of irony. Colbert, as we all know, satirizes right-wing media hosts as anchor of the Colbert Report, a spin-off of Comedy Central's Daily Show.

A seeming sucess to date, the Colbert Report went over the head of the very guy that the show most pointedly satirizes - Bill O'Reilly:

O'Reilly basically laughs off The Colbert Report a rip-off of his own show, saying, "This formula of his program is they match The Factor and they seize upon themes that work for them. He ought to be sending me a check every week, 'cause we're basically the research for the writers."

But anyone can write off O'Reilly - and they frequently do - but Colbert was then invited to the White House Correspondent's Dinner. Does anyone see a general disconnect between Republicans and Irony yet? If you missed it, Colbert "lauded" the President, but with less disguised satire - even Republicans knew it was not good to be associated with the Hindenburg...

And now Delay looks for support from the guy who retired his Congressional District to the rafters. Its hard for me to imagine their hand would touch the stove so blatantly after being burnt before. I suppose on Planet Republican, Steven mouths the cause for their hero-worship:

"I'm going to miss him, too. Another classy move from a classy guy. The man who stood tall even as his staffers dropped like laundered nickels from an Indian casino slot machine. ... He's doing it right folks -- going out at the top of his game in the middle of a criminal investigation." --Stephen Colbert, on Tom DeLay

Is there a whole segment of the population out there who are insensitive to irony?  Why are all good Satirists liberals?  Was the DC press corps chilly reception to Colbert's act a litmus test of their Conservatism?  Is this just funny (dare I say ironic) or will it possibly get us nuked one day?

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