I get to work this morning, look at the front page of the Baltimore Sun, and I see dead people. They don't look like Bruce Willis. Instead I'm looking at a full color picture with two charred unrecoganizable dismembered corpses hanging from a bridge.

Now I'm not squeamish about the realities of war. But I find this over the line. I assume the logic is that because they were "civilians" or "contractors" it's ok...it's not like they are soldiers. except these are soldiers. they may be a private army, but they are fighting the same war. they may get paid better but they face the same dangers. they may have volunteered, but they're still americans. Ultimatly this is someone's family... I wouldn't want to see my family member displayed like this. While I think that the majority of America is too sheltered from the harsh realities, I think the front page of the paper isn't the proper place for this graphic a photo. Does anyone else's paper have this on the front cover?

Hopefully this tragedy sheds light on the fact that private military forces are the second largest group in the "coalition of the willing"

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Charred Dismembered Corpses: Appropriate front page picture or not?

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