In the battle to save this country there is only one opponent: fear. It's not dems v repugs. It's not conservative v liberal. It's not soccer mom v security mom. It is fear v freedom. This all started to dawn on me when I contacted my cell phone company about the NSA warrantless and illegal domestic spying. I had an interesting conversation with a Cingular representative.

I learned that even people who hate Bush are willing to give up their freedoms and their rights in the name of security. "911 changed everything" is not just the Whitehouse's excuse for burning our constitution, it's the public's justification for turning away from the fire. They are scared to die and they are letting their fear ruin my country and it makes me mad. When I get mad I write. Sometimes I write like this.

You may die.
You will die.
People die everyday.
On average
two US soldiers die everyday in Iraq.

They are dying
to protect our freedoms.
The same freedoms
you are letting

I know you
want to protect
your life
your kid's life
from the evildoers
but the evildoers
are not
out there.
They are in us.
They are us.
They are you.

I know you
are scared
of terrorists
and will gladly give up
my rights
but they are not yours
to give up.

You are more likely
to die
by car
by lightening
by falling objects
by electrocution
by drowning
by falling off a cliff
than by terrorist

and yet you
give up
the same rights
you send
young people
to die for.

That takes nerve.

And then you tell me
"If you don't like it
you can just leave"
while you celebrate
July 4th.

That takes nerve.

And your faded
these colors don't run
bumper sticker
on your empty

That takes nerve.

And you wrap
my flag
around your fear
while supporting laws
against its desecration.

That takes nerve.

That's a lot of nerve
for someone so scared.

Buck up soldier
the only war here
is between you
and fear
and me.
I will not
let you
destroy my country
just because
you are scared.

I will reclaim
my flag
my government
my freedoms
my rights
my country
I will die
and I want to die

Originally posted to sassy texan on Sun Jul 09, 2006 at 08:58 AM PDT.

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