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  • CNN: Perhaps the strangest booking, ever -  Isaac Herzog: Israeli tourism Minister (no joke).

    Building architect and Chicken Hawk, John Bolton.  Dick Lugar tap dances as Chris Dodd winces.  Then, the comedy duo of Jane Harman and Creedmore Hoekstra (R-Bellevue).

    Surely, they'll invite someone to represent Lebanon, won't they ?

    And don't call me, Surely !

  • Meet the Press: Russert kicks off the fall campaign with General Secretary, Josh Bolton.  

    Next up: get this - WaPo's "Senior Pentagon Reporter Tom Ricks will unveil his new book, `Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq.'"

    Now that's FUNNY !!  

    Wow!   It only took him 3 and half years to buy a clue!  Ahhh, the MSM, always light years behind the curve.  And he's their SENIOR reporter - Geez@!  

    To make things worst, the title suggests he blames the military and not Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld.   Now, a case can be made that the senior leadership should of resigned. Fine.   But what the supine-cheerleading press.

    Look in the mirror, Ricks.

    And yes, - ONCE AGAIN - Tim didn't invite any Democrats.  I understand, after all, it's an election year.

  • Face the Nation: The Syrian and Israeli Ambassadors.  Gee, ya think they would invite someone from Lebanon.  

    David Ignatius has Europe's take on the Creep's Grope and the other "Shit."

  • Newt Gingrich: Evel Newt [sic] continues his national tour - "Scaring Out da Religious Right to Vote with Armageddon Talk."

    He'll materialize on C-SPAN #1 at 8:00 AM Eastern time.

    Call-In Numbers
    Support Democrats:
    (202) 737-0002
    Support Republicans:
    (202) 737-0001
    Support Independents:
    (202) 628-0205
    Outside U.S.:
    (202) 628-0184

    Please, Please, use any number you can.  That's what they do.

  • Road to the White House: Breakfast with Biden. Joe Biden cooks pancakes, eggs, and politics for his Manchester fans.

  • Fox-holes: Corrupt-Sleaze, Denny Hastert.  He'll explain why Bush and Cheney must enforce every law, not just the ones they use to grab power.  

    Finally, John Bolton and Geraldo compare their Combat records.

  • Not-This Week: Golf swings a preempted putt.

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