I don't have time to format everything, so I'm going to link to my own blog post.  Maybe I'll come back later and format it for local viewing.

Basically, I attempt to explain why I can't attend the demonstrations.  The peace movement is becoming entirely too tolerant of tendencies that it would never accept from white Americans, no matter how oppressed.  The left needs to start addressing the anti-semitism in its ranks, or it will fail.  Or worse perhaps, it may succeed in a manner completely unintended.


Update: Alright, let me start first by apologizing for linking rather than trying to convert my personal blog post over here. Apparently some of you think I'm trying to siphon off Kos support or something. Let me just try to explain that I'm not a computer whiz and my time is very, very short. My blog is a stupid little hobby on a cookie cutter blog service for which the idiot proof gobblygook html stuff doesn't seem to work well here and so I have to go through it eliminating the gobblygook hoping I'm not severing an artery or cutting into some organ of the necessary html's. I don't know what I'm doing.

So at the end of my word day, I notice that there are posts up justifying Hezbollah violence and it resonates with a post I wrote last night. Because I'd like to get home to my family, I post the link because I don't see anybody else discussing the problem - anti-semitism in the peace movement. So I get home and set up dinner and come to my dial-up computer to see how the discussion is going, and instead of confirming or arguing my point about anti-semitism, the majority of posts seem to be about whether it was appropriate for me to link to my own blog. If your movement is going to be limited to 30 year olds who live in their parents' basement, that's your business. But don't expect to be crashing any gates. As promised, when the kids are in bed and it temperature here reduces to a "cool" 90, I'll be happy to try to convert the gobblygook in order to "respect the community." Until then, if you're really interested, you're going to have to (gasp) click on the link. I'm truly, truly sorry for the offense.

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