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To help downplay Iraq war casualty figures, Congress is considering a bill banning the publication of names or images of military personnel without their permission.
And grieving families will be asked to have the bugler just hum taps...   A federal judge held that Bush's warrentless surveillance program is unconstitutional.  He may continue, however, to use the FBI, the CIA and the Secret Service to keep tabs on Barb and Jenna  bar-hopping...  NASA has misplaced the original video clip of Niel Armstrong taking his first step on the moon. Until it turns up, they're using an old Michael Jackson clip...  Astronomers want to add three more planets to the solar system.  Just what NASA needs----something else to lose track of...  To be continued...  really...  there's more...

The FBI reports an alarming increase in teenage bank robberies. In a more positive vein, it does force them to bone up on the spelling, punctuation and grammar required of an effective demand note...  "Snakes on a Plane" opened in theaters nationwide. The plot is loosly based on a congressional junket hosted by Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff... To promote local animation, Beijing has banned foreign cartoons on Chinese TV between 5 and 8 p.m. Including "The Simpsons," Pokeman, Mickey Mouse and Bush's press conferences...   Britain's MI-5 had the terrorist suspects under surveillance for months...  As opposed to U.S. terrorist policy which would have required immediate arrests, a "Good job, Brownie" from Bush, and a quick hunting trip for the suspects with Dick Cheney...   Congress is considering a bill that would slash funding for research on Iraq war brain injuries. Better to spend their time researching the brain injury that got us in there in the first place...   In the thirteen years since Congress passed the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law, 11,000 members of the military have been discharged for being gay. Looks like somebody told...   Desperate to raise revenue, airlines now display advertising messages on tray tables, seatbacks, napkins, air sick bags and even the outside of the planes themselves. For all of the products you weren't allowed to bring on board...   Army nixes plan to build a theme park on the grounds of a Virginia military post. Baghdad appears to be enough of a thrill ride at the moment...   Despite 110 degree heat in Iraq, the military will soon be required to wear four ceramic plates as body armor. Designed after those Cheney's hunting buddies are required to wear...
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