Jennifer Lawless came to New York tonight, actually she came to my house, to raise money to help us get rid of another Democrat who enables George Bush rather than fight against him.  The incumbent, Jim Langevin, (you may remember him because he was the DSCC's choice to be Rhode Island's version of Bob Casey.  One Bob Casey in a blue state is enough) has voted with George Bush and the Republicans 60% of the time.  I don't know why he bothers to call himself a Democrat.

Langevin's voted 27 times AGAINST a woman's right to choose.  He even voted for the Put Granny in Jail
Act. He's voted to "stay-the-course" in Iraq (the course to ruination).  He refused to roll back Bush's tax cuts even though there probably isn't a single soul in Rhode Island's second district who benefited and thousands that were hurt.  As a further sign of his bad judgment, Langevin voted FOR the Terri Schiavo bill and AGAINST net neutrality.

We absolutely must get rid of this guy now and elect REAL Democrats who will fight against George Bush.  It's time we take our party back from people like Jim Langevin and elect true progressives like Jennifer Lawless.

I just met Jennifer tonight and I know that she will fight George Bush tooth and nail and that she has the energy and stamina to meet every single voter.  BUT WHAT SHE NEEDS FROM US AND WHAT SHE WAS DOING HERE AT MY HOME IN NEW YORK IS RAISING THE MONEY TO MAKE HER VOICE HEARD.  


The primary is in only 3 weeks and with our help, it's clear that Jen can win this race. And there is no Republican on the ballot in the general so winning the primary means we got another great Democrat on our side.

This isn't tilting at windmills and we can really make a difference here.  Jennifer can actually topple a weak Democrat.  

Please log on to her website to learn more about her, watch her TV ads, and to contribute.

Also check out: www.langevinequalslieberman.com to see how Jim Langevin is Rhode Island's version of Joe Lieberman.

My dailykos number is 4025.  I've been on this site a long time and I 've never done a diary asking for money but I can smell victory wafting by and this time I think it's real


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