I don't understand why people are focusing on 10 or 15 or 25 races in the Congress when they are ALL up for grabs.  And the thing we have learned so far is when the Netroots are involved, the Netroots win.

So far I have looked at Colorado, Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina and Iowa.

And before we take the jump, I just wanted to remind you that you can contribute to candidates on this project by hitting this ActBlue page

New Mexico has three Congressional Districts of which only one is currently held by Dems and the remaining two are held by Reps.  Democrats are fielding challenges to all seats.

NM-1 is the Central district of the state and includes Albuquerque.  This is one of those districts that votes for Republicans for Congress that Kerry carried.  By a hair.  Patricia Madrid, the challenger, is a term-limited Attorney General (her predecessor was Tom Udall, the Congressman in NM-3).  She has been in a dead-heat with Heather Wilson since February.  There's a lot going on here.  This district is far to the Left of the four-term incumbent, the first female military academy graduate to serve in Congress, but Patsy has won statewide elections twice.  There's gonna be a shitload of money in this race, and, right now, Wilson's got the lion's share of it.  Nonetheless, there are articles out there that say this will be the closest race in the country.  I can see that.  
NM-1: Stay up late on 11/7 and stick some champagne in the freezer.  Madrid by 540 votes!

NM-2 is the Southern portion of the state and includes Las Cruses and Roswell.  Our guy, Al Kissling, is doing everything he can in a red district.  He's got an uphill battle, but he's also got Bill Richardson and Jeff Bingaman upballot from him.  Plus the district is 48% Hispanic, and that's gotta be a point in his favor.
NM-2: Likely to stay Red

NM-3 is the Northern portion of the state, including Santa Fe, Taos and other lefty places.  Tom Udall is safe.
NM-3: Safe Blue

Running tally: 13 pick-ups

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