On the heels of the Netroots victory in Connecticut with Ned Lamont, there is much excitement, confidence, and hope pervading the progressive blogosphere. But where do we go from here?

That's a no-brainer. Now we have to get him and other 'Netroots' candidates elected -- into positions of policy-making power and influence that will help our movement ingrain itself in the political establishment. This is the step necessary to truly shift American policy toward the progressive agenda that was set forth by its forefathers. This is how we'll infiltrate 'establishment' politics creating fundamental, long-lasting change.

And here, at DailyKos, we Kossacks have something even more special. We have a 'DailyKos Candidate' -- someone born of our community to carry our message to the legislatures even as the rest of us carry our message to the masses.

It's true. Though Ned Lamont may by recognized as the 'Netroots' candidate, our very own Brian Keeler is the DailyKos Candidate, the one, the only, the original. He was here BEFORE the Kos community became a political powerhouse. He was here before it was popular for politicians to share their views with us and to subsequently ask for our hard-earned money. And he will continue to be an integral member of the community even after we help catapult him into the NY State Senate. He is NYBri, and he is OUR candidate.

That's why we're going national with NYBri's campaign!

That's right, if you were fortunate enough to join us either in the Big Apple or online at the Big Orange (DKos) for the Brian Keeler 2006 campaign 'Blograiser' back in July, then you know what an amazing time it was -- the aura of excitement that surrounded the campaign -- the feeling of camaraderie that pervaded the like-minded and like-hearted community of Kossacks and other progressives that attended.

This is the idea:

The Primary Blograiser takes place physically in Manhattan once again (Date TBD see below) -- where all Kossacks and progressives are invited to have a great time partying it up with the Candidate Keeler, fellow Kossacks, and other progressive movers and shakers.

The online portion of the Blograiser will be front-paged right here at DailyKos (Thank you very much, Markos!) -- live-blogged from Manhattan and around the nation!

National local Blograisers: In addition -- and here is the aspect that expands on the 'national' theme beyond the online element. -- there will be 'satellite' Kossack Blograisers around the country, making this the largest simultaneous political fundraiser in US History. Seattle, San Fran, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, you name it! Wherever there's a group of Kossacks celebrating the Netroots movement, Progressive unity, and Brian Keeler's Candidacy, that is where the Keeler Blograiser will be. (Note: This event could be done in coordination with or in lieu of your regular 'Drinking Liberally' or 'Kos Meetup' get-togethers as well.)

Staying Connected: To keep the multiple 'satellite' blograisers connected in a unified event, all local meetings/blograisers will be simultaneous connected -- live-blogging their individual events on the same DKos front-page thread! AND Candidate Keeler will be sure to call in to every single gathering around the nation! Logistically, that means that NY will have the Blograiser from 7PM -- 10PM while the rest of the nation holds their counterpart between 6PM and 9PM local time -- each one calling in and signing on as their Blograiser begins.

Media Attention: This will be an event unprecedented in American (And presumably Global) politics. The media, offering positive publicity to both the Netroots and the Keeler 2006 campaign, will cover it. This will promote a further image of the unity, determination, and resourcefulness possessed by the progressive Netroots -- characteristics that will force the mainstreamers to listen up, open their mind, avoid taking us for granted, and understand that we will not go quietly into the woods.

Why Brian's Race Matters to You and Your Family:

And for those of you who are wondering why you should care about a NY State Senate position, consider this:

First the background: The Democrats currently hold a supermajority in the state assembly -- a position they are expected to maintain post-November. Eliot Spitzer and his running mate David Paterson are expected to storm their way into the Governor's Mansion. And Hillary is expected to do the same in her respective slot. The only real obstacle to NY's complete transformation into a True Blue Democratic progressive state is the State Senate where four Democratic pickups are required to put it and all of NY in Democratic hands.

Brian, as candidate for NY State Senate in the 41st District, has been endorsed by Spitzer, Clinton, and Schumer. And the NY State DSCC has designated his race a 'Top Tier' pickup. The 41st district has been trending progressive in recent years while the current Republican Incumbent just barely won the last election. Add to that a very low public appraisal of Republicans flowing in an anti-incumbent wave and BOOM! You have the perfect opportunity to make the 41st District a brilliant <font color="Blue">Democratic blue</font>.

Here's just a few of the things that Brian's November victory could mean for those of us across the nation:

1. Brian will bring Netroots values to an elected office.  A lot of politicians are actively courting the Netroots, coming to us from afar, and telling us they will listen to what we have to say.  Brian, on the other hand, emerged FROM WITHIN US, having been a Kossack and blogger for quite some time (check out his user ID).  Brian is fully familiar with the things that are important to Kossacks and bloggers, because he IS one.  Accordingly, there is no question he will emphasize the things that are important to us once elected.

2.  If Brian wins, New York could become a "progressive laboratory" for other States to follow.  Accordingly, if we can help Brian win, we can help turn the New York State Senate Democratic, and give New York an all-Democrat government, creating a "progressive laboratory" on health care, the environment, minimum wage, and other issues, and act as a model for other States.

3. A Democratic Senate could produce (Through redistricting) up to FIVE NEW SEATS for the US House of Representatives!!!

4. You can make a bigger difference in a smaller race.  A small $$ contribution makes little difference in a US Senate race, and not much more of a difference in a House race.  However, as the races get smaller and smaller, your $$'s, and your volunteer time, make a bigger and bigger difference, relatively.  A State Senate race is a comparably small race, and if you choose to get involved here, you will make a comparably bigger difference.

The Bottom Line is that Brian's race could possibly determine whether or not there is a beacon of Progressive light in America come 2007 -- an unapologetic powerhouse that can and will set the progressive precedent for other states across the nation. NY will be the place where progressive ideals are pioneered and promoted.

But NOT if we have an obstructionist Republican state senate gumming up the works -- crippling Spitzer at every turn and holding up the legislation that is so critical to the advancement of the progressive political movement in America.

The Butterfly Effect

This is the place toward which we must ALL focus. Brian's race is about MUCH more than Brian, or his individual senate seat, or NY state, or even America. Knowing that such a powerful progressive state could indeed set the example for the most powerful nation in the world, there is little doubt that the long-term effects could be both global, long-lasting, and critical to world peace and prosperity.

The Butterfly Effect is no joke, and barely an exaggeration. Just ask that guy...uhhhhh... whatsisname....oh yeah -- Markos Moulitsas Zuniga. Seems he started sharing his opinions in a thing called a 'blog' only a handful of years ago. Ever heard of it? If someone had suggested back then the impact his small decision would make only five years later, they would have been laughed off the internets!

Now we know.

So please TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

Volunteer to Organize a satellite Keeler Blograiser in your hometown! Take the reigns! Contact your fellow regional Kossacks and get together on the night of the Manhattan blograiser! Whether it's 5, 25, or 200 supporters -- a house party, a formal gathering or a few beers at a bar, it's all good! It will be great fun and it will be for a great cause!

Donate!! Scrape together whatever you can over the coming weeks and give at the Blograiser (either online or in person) till it feels gooooooood! As you all know, campaigns are a very expensive event, and the funding of such endeavors become a particular challenge when facing an incumbent with a cash spigot. But remember that Brian's opposition is vulnerable, and Brian is an exceptional candidate and a 'rising star in the NY state Democratic Party (So sayeth Senator Clinton). This is a unique opportunity to make a HUGE difference in the political landscape. But we need your support!

I Need Your Input!

As this is a brand new concept, it will take some feeling out, so please bare with me and keep your creative thinking caps tuned:)

Note: The date of this magical event is yet to be determined but is most likely slated for one of the following dates: Mon 9/25, Tues 9/26, Sun 10/1, Mon 10/2, or Tues 10/3. The specific details will follow in the coming days! For now, please seriously consider the following, and remember, this will be GREAT FUN:)

1) Will you organize in your hometown? If you're interested in organizing an event, please leave your name, town, and email in the comments below OR contact me at TomBall@Keeler2006.com. Thanks!

2) Would you attend a related event in your hometown if it is organized?

3) What suggestions do you have, complaints, criticisms, advice?

Support Brian Keeler for NY State Senate (41st District)!!

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With Brian Keeler in the NY State Senate and Ned Lamont in the US Senate there may be hope for this world after all.

Keep the People Power Rolling!!

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