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I have decided to use my diary today to pimp what should be one of the most important YouTube videos -- EVER.

- it is the most important issue facing Americans today
- it is a devastating video against these particular Diebold electronic voting machines that will be used by 10% of the electorate in November.
- it is an issue being ignored by the corporate media (for the most part)


1.  Go to the YouTube video I posted
2.  Write a comment (it will go towards counting for "the most discussed video")
3.  Rate it with 5 stars (it will go towards counting for "the most highly rated video")
4.  Link it to your blog if you can (it will go towards counting for "the most linked video")
5.  Add it to your "favorites" if you have an account (it will go towards counting for "top favorite videos"

Help make this one of the most successful viral videos in American history!

Video link below...

UPDATE 2: Diebold has made a rebuttal at The Chicago Tribune. Take a look and tell us what you think. The chief points are that the software was 2 generations old and the computers are not networked, so no need to worry.


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Keep it up, guys!! There are also some Diebold supporters out there downrating this video. Don't forget to make a comment there, too.

(click HERE or on pic to go to YouTube)

I've now got this connected to the DIGG system, as well -- if you feel like "digging" it.

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