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Republican Gov. Matt Blunt is outraged that the Missouri state university system is including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students in their new anti-discrimination policy. Blunt harshly criticized state officials for "wasting time" and bowing "to the forces of political correctness" by developing the policy at a recent meeting of the board of governors. Blunt's protests are nothing more than a cheap election year student designed to motivate bigoted voters.

Missouri bloggers have accurately pointed out the hypocrisy of Blunt's sudden concern for higher education. His administration has failed to make college affordability a serious priority and has strongly endorsed all education proposals offered by the Bush Administration.

The Show Me State has long been a fertile ground for anti-gay bigotry. Missouri was one of the first states to pass a constitutional ban against gay marriage. Republicans use discriminatory policies as a mechanism to motivate conservative voters.

Blunt's attack on reasonable attempts to shield students from harassment is a sad reminder that some politicians will do anything to get elected. Young people should be able to pursue their education without fear of persecution. By politicizing efforts to reduce discrimination, Republicans are revealing their inability to develop coherent policies that can approve higher education.    

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