You've read a lot of these "Doom and gloom" diaries. But I have here the ultimate doom and gloom: a totally complete analysis as to why the Democrats simply have absolutely zero chance of winning! Follow me over the flap...

First of all, I think we are aware right now that the polls have shown that Republicans have an edge in the generic ballot. In fact, the number of Americans currently defining themselves as Republicans is on the rise. While a few polls here and there show Republican incumbents in trouble, when taken together, the data starts to look very good for Bush's army of rubber stamps.

Democrats certainly haven't learned their lessons from 2004. Remember Kerry's awful television spots? Well, our ads this cycle are just as bad. Democrats aren't reaching out to religious voters. They aren't talking about protecting and supporting our troops. And they haven't found any good frames for the economy.

We shouldn't have even bothered trying this cycle. The Republicans have vastly improved their fundraising game. And even if we did get the money, Howard Dean was wasting it on the failed 50 state strategy. One needs only to take a good look that the horrible numbers that Democrats have been polling in deep red, unwinnable territory to see how badly Dean has been wasting our money.

Bottom line: we have no chance. Republicans still have a monopoly on the memory of 9/11. Despite their flagrant disregard for the law, they're still not facing justice. Democrats haven't drawn any new attention to any important issues. Let's just look at the facts: who can even remember how many years ago it was since the last time a Democrat beat a Republican?

And I know what you are thinking, shut-yer-pie-hole you defeatist, blah blah blah. Well, I for one aren't going to get my hopes up again. I'm just going to stick with the truth and know that we can't win.

Originally posted to Mikesco on Sun Sep 24, 2006 at 03:31 PM PDT.


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