In the wee hours of Monday morning, maddened by the Foley cover-up, I researched the 5 cover-up ringleaders (BRASH: Boehner, Reynolds, Alexander, Shimkus, Hastert), created an Act Blue page for the Foley Five Democratic challengers and wrote an impassioned diary.

Since then we've raised $1000 for these Democrats, who include three vets, two grandfathers, four local businessmen, two ex-Republicans -- that is, people I'm happy to share the label Democrat with.

Can we get to $10,000 by the end of the week?

Descriptions of the Foley Five and their challengers are below the fold.

As we all know by now, Mark Foley (FL-16) was known by the GOP to be a sexual predator since at least 2001.
At least four other Republicans have been involved in covering up his predation: Denny Hastert, John Boehner, Tom Reynolds, and John Shimkus.

Wondering what you can do about it? Let's replace the whole lot.


House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children Chair Mark Foley, Republican, (FL-16) was known by the GOP to be a sexual predator since at least 2001.

Tim Mahoney, Democrat, is a rancher, family man, entrepeneur, and former Republican with ending Abramoff-style corruption as his number one issue.

Fight the Foley Five and support Tim Mahoney. NRCC Chair Tom Reynolds, Republican, (NY-26) told Speaker of the House Denny Hastert about Foley's behavior--and then accepted $100,000 in hush money from Foley. Reynolds' current chief of staff, Kirk Fordham, had been Foley's campaign manager and chief of staff--and has been advising Foley since the scandal broke.

Jack Davis, Democrat, is an engineer and small-business owner and was in both the Marine Reserves and Coast Guard. He wants to restore American jobs and correct the horrible mistake of the Iraq war.

Fight the Foley Five and support Jack Davis.

House Majority Leader John Boehner, Republican, (OH-8) admitted to learning earlier this year of Foley's predatory behavior, and admitted telling Denny Hastert but nothing else--but then retracted his story, claiming now he "doesn't remember" whether he told Hastert or not.

Mort Meier, Democrat, is a Korean War veteran and former Republican disgusted with the corruption of John Boehner who wants to restore economic growth and environmental protection to Ohio.

Fight the Foley Five and support Mort Meier.

Speaker of the House Denny Hastert, Republican, (IL-14) knew about Foley's predatory behavior for at least a year and did nothing--and is even now stonewalling any investigation.

John Laesch, Democrat, is a Navy veteran who seeks affordable healthcare for every American and an end to the war in Iraq. I've met him, and he's a great guy unafraid of being a tough progressive.

Fight the Foley Five and support John Laesch.

Chairman of the House Page Board John Shimkus, Republican, (IL-19) met with Foley in 2005, knew about Foley's predatory behavior, and never told the sole Democratic member of the Page Board about Foley. Shimkus spoke approvingly in public about Foley's interest in the pages and let him take one of them alone to dinner.

Danny Stover, Democrat, is a professor and city councilman who has fought for fiscal discipline and progressive values--the exact opposite of his opponent.

Fight the Foley Five and support Danny Stover.


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