On March 15th, 2006, the following amendment was offered to the House of Representatives by Wayne Gilchrest.

H.AMDT.701 (A001)
Amends: H.R.4939
Sponsor: Rep Gilchrest, Wayne T. [MD-1] (offered 3/15/2006)
Amendment sought to delete section 3011 from the bill which contained language prohibiting the acquisition of certain United States seaports.

An amendment to strike section 3011 of the bill. Section 3011 prohibits use of funds to take any action to approve or otherwise allow the acquisition of any leases, contracts, rights, or any other obligations of P&O Ports by Dubai Ports World or any other legal entity affiliated with or controlled by Dubai Ports World.

Long after the first shots of this situation occured. Long after the first clear holes were seen by most in Bush's homeland security. Long after Bush noted the standards for "Great British Companies", the fate of DPW was pretty clear.

It was publically dead. But, a few House Members decided to fight the DPW fight.

Those members are named under the fold. Apologies if it's dry.

38 members in total voted for the DPW Amendment quoted above.

30 were Republicans. Unfortunately, 8 were Democrats. Those 8 will have time to make up for such a bad vote. Although in the case of Bill Jefferson, I hope that he is not re-elected and that Louisiana's second is represented by a Democrat in the 110th.

Of those 30 Republicans, several are not on this list.

Representatives Kolbe, Oxley, and Thomas are retiring.

Representatives Conaway and Flake are sadly unopposed.

Representative Schwarz lost his primary.

So there are just 24 left.

We start with Roscoe Bartlett. Roscoe is being opposed by an excellent underdog candidate named Andrew Duck. President Bush won this district with 65% in 2004. Andrew has a variety of backers on this site, and if you're able to help him out, do so. It could help elect O'Malley and Cardin.

The second Republican is known to the political addicts. He is Joe Barton of Texas. Barton is being opposed by another person who obsessive site users know of, named David Harris. Bush won 66% in the fighting 6th of Texas. But, in this year of the Democrat, even beady-eyed rubber stamp Republicans like Joe Barton will sweat.

The third Republican is Kevin Brady. Representative Brady is being opposed by a very low-key candidate. His opponent is Jim Wright. Of course, it's not the Jim Wright we know. This is a Jim Wright who has a very large website, scrolling text, and a call to impeach President Bush. 1 out of 3. President Bush won 72% in Texas's fighting 8th.

The fourth Republican is newcomer John Campbell. Campbell showed skill beyond his years in rubber stamping bad Bush policy on DPW. Campbell is being opposed by Steve Young, his opponent from last December. Bush won 59% in the Fighting 48th.

The fifth Republican is Utah's own Chris Cannon. Cannon, known more here for his Foley-related comments (if anything), was the only Utahn to support DPW. His opponent is Christian Burridge. Bush won 79% here, but Cannon doesn't reach those heights.

Republican #6 is Tom Davis. I'm sure you know who he is. Tom is one of the most powerful of the class of 1994. Davis is also one of the people who actually supported DPW during the barrage of negative reaction towards the deal. Davis is being opposed by Andrew Hurst. President Bush won this district by just over 2000 votes in 2004 and this District went for Tim Kaine last November.

Republican #7 is Vern Ehlers. Ehlers is being opposed by Jim Rinck. Bush won 60% here in the fighting 3rd of Michigan.

The 8th Republican is Trent Franks. Franks is being opposed by Retired College Professor and Conductor John Thrasher. Thrasher definately knows that the tune needs to be changed in Washington DC. Bush won 62% in Arizona's 2nd.

The 9th Republican is Amendment sponsor Wayne Gilchrest. Gilchrest is being opposed by Dr. Jim Corwin. Maryland's 1st gave 63% to Bush.

The 10th Republican is Paul Gillmor. Gillmor is a little-known Ohio Republican, which means he typically rubberstamps. He's also very likely to be mistaken for Newman from Seinfeld. His opponent is Robin Weirauch. Bush won 61% in Ohio's 5th.

Republican #11 is Jeb Hensarling. Hensarling is the most likely target of the phrase "Howdy Doody Nimrod", despite any claims that he is not the most worthy of that title. Jeb is being opposed by Charlie Thompson. The fighting 5th of Texas gave Bush 67% in 2004.

The 12th Republican is Peter Hoekstra. Peter is the most likely member to tell you that we're finding WMDs in Iraq. In some time that he wasn't making that claim, Peter cast this vote. Peter is being opposed by Kimon Kotos, whose campaign posts here from time to time. Bush won 61% in the Fighting 2nd of Michigan

The 13th Republican is John Kline. John is actually facing a big challenge this November from Coleen Rowley. I'm sure a lot of you know who Coleen is. And Hopefully she'll be elected this November. Bush won 55% here in Minnesota's 2nd district.

The 14th Republican is John Linder. Linder is a rather nondescript long-time meber of the Georgia delegation. Linder is being opposed by Allan Burns. The best guess is that Bush won around 69% in Georgia's 7th District.

Republican #15 is Dan Lungren. Lungren covered any time lost during his hiatus of non-membership by voting for this amendment. Lungren is opposed by Bill Durston. Bush won 59% in the Fighting 3rd of California.

The 16th Republican is Jim McCrery. The fun of Louisiana is that McCrery has two opponents, due to the open primary. He's facing Artis Cash and Patti Cox. Bush won 60% in Louisiana's 4th District.

Republican #17 is Candice Miller. Miller is being opposed by Robert Denison. Bush won 57% in Michigan's 10th in 2004.

The 18th Republican is Randy Neugebauer. Neugebauer first came to office in early 2003, and followed that up by riding Bush's coattails to a victory over Charlie Stenholm. Neugebauer is being opposed by Robert Ricketts. Bush won 77% here in the Fighting 19th of Texas.

Republican #19 is Dave Reichert. Dave is in the middle of a big re-election battle with Darcy Burner. You've seen the polls. John Kerry got nine thousand more votes here than George W. Bush here in washington's 8th.

The 20th Republican is Dana Rohrabacher. Dana is one of the few surfing Congressmen, and in his spare time, he gets behind bad ideas like DPW. Jim Brandt is opposing Rohrabacher this year. Bush won 58% in California's fighting 46th.

The 21st Republican is John Shadegg. Shadegg came close to getting the Majority Leader's job earlier this year. He then went on to vote for this amendment. John Shadegg is beng challenged by Herb Paine in the 3rd District of Arizona. In 2004, Bush won 58% here.

The 22nd Republican is Mac Thornberry. One of the drawbacks to unchallenged incumbency is incumbents backing ideas like these without fear of losing votes. Mac Thornberry is a good ol West Texas Rubber Stamp, just laying back and building up seniority. Roger Waun is opposing Mac Thornberry here in the 13th District. Bush won 78% here in 2004.

The 23rd Republican is Joe Wilson of South Carolina. Joe Wilson mainly serves in Congress to give 200 one-minute speeches per session. Joe Wilson's opponent is Michael Ray Ellisor. Bush won 60% in South Carolina's second in 2004.

The 24th Republican is Don Young of Alaska. Young is one of the movers behind such things as the Bridge to Nowhere, and other things that Alaska gets because of Young and Senator Tubes. Don Young is being opposed by Diane Benson this year. Bush won Alaska with 63% in 2006.

That's the list. 24 Republicans who voted for DPW, against 24 Democrats who would help fortify a majority in the 110th Congress.

From Bartlett to Young, the Dubai 24 are one group of Republicans who have to go in November.

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