On the rec list as of last night has been a rivoting story of a a middle age women beaten because of a political bumper sticker on her car.  The facts were and are cloudy (read not present) but still people were ready to blame the right for this.  I felt a general feeling of "well even if it didnt happen.... it could.  I mean its Georgia"

Well thats fucking bullshit.  Thats like Bush saying "well these guys may not be terrorists but they could be."  Its utter bullshit.  

I am from the south.  Grew up here.  Lived here for the majority of my life.  Grew up in a small to middle sized town in north Louisiana.  I now live in Birmingham,AL and my parents have a house in southeast Georgia.  My parents who both grew up, went to college and in my moms case, got her masters in Brooklyn.  

Yet if someone says a bunch of right wing rednecks beat somebody up you accept that with no facts because its the south.  Kind of like if the government arrests a person from the middle east and a good number of people agree with the premise that they are probably a terrorist?  No proof at all.  Your perception of what the south is quickly becoming reality.  You are prejudging a whole entire community.  The bitter accusations were hurled at the local police department for a cover up.  Did anyone email them?  Did anyone call them?  I did.

This site is turning into a place to dehumanize and demonize.  Its dead wrong and it is exactly the type of group think that happens everywhere...including the right wing folks.

The only thing that is clear is that a lot of people have a really distorted view of the world.  Are there fucked up people?  Yea.  A good amount of them at that.  But fucked up people are everywhere.

Simply check yourself.  If you are validating your position on a diary that gives no facts, offers no concise answers to serious questions and can not be validated by any outside means..... are you any better than Fox News?   UPDATE: I called and spoke with a dispatcher at the Brunswick police department. She said that there has not been any reports of anything "like that" happening. She sounded honest and her answer was direct but I could tell she was thinking what the hell is this dude talking about.

Update 2: I have proven that the story is false... at least enough for myself. I have a hard time believing the Bruswick police department, who has this lady as the Chief of police is covering a story like this up. http://www.brunswickpolice.org/images/Chief_Johnson.jpg

Enough is enough though. The diary is off the rec list. For anyone wanting or needing more proof there are ample resources and avenues to follow.

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