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This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Saturday, 10/21 to 1:00 PM EDT Sunday, 10/22.

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Today's Menu Includes:
64 Diaries Overall
- 32 On House races
     - With 25 covering individual Districts in 15 states
- 16 On Senate races
    - Representing 8 different states
- 10 On Various election races
    - Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more
- 6 General election-related diaries

Over 4,500 diaries served to date!!!

This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

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(1:00 PM, Saturday, 10/21 to 1:00 PM, Sunday, 10/22):  (64 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from A)

   House (32)

(AZ-01) BREAKING: US Attorney Sitting on Renzi Indictment Until After Election! by loftydonkey - There will be no indictment for Rick Renzi (R) on charges of income tax fraud until after Nov. 7; Ellen Simon (D) is his opponent in the race.

(CA-04) Charlie Brown Campaign Notes: Letter to the Editor of the Mountain Democrat by tgangale - Diarist replies to a local editoral.

(CA-11) Berkeley Dems- Phonebank Against Pombo! by leeroxxor - Diarist writes about phonebanking for Jerry McNernry.

(CO-07) CO-07, CO-GOV: by CO Democrat - has a statement from Democrat Ed Perlmutter about Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez's possible illegal campaign activities

(CT-04) CT-04: Diane Farrell Shines in Democratic Radio Address by ollieb - CT-04's Democratic challenger, Diane Farrell, took the national stage Saturday morning when she gave the Democrats' response to Bush's National Radio Address.

(ID-01) ID-01: Brilliant by mcjoan - A great YouTube for Larry Grant.

(ID-01) ID-01: Club for Growth violates Project Vote Smart standards by Red State Rebel - Glub for Growth runs a misleading ad smearing Larry Grant (D) who is running against Bill Sali (R).

(IL-06) (IL-06) There's a better answer than that by Markg8 - Diarist responds to a stupid comment from Peter Roskam (R).

(IL-14) Hastert Selling Our Democracy by treesfieldssky - Diarist writes about a Hasert funsraiser & the sale of congress.

(IL-14) IL14 Intelligence Update: Hastert Makes 1st Ad Buy by John Laesch - The Democratic candidate writes a diary to give us an update of how his race against Dennis Hastert (R) is progressing.

(IL-15) It turns out the American dream is just a dream (Il-15) by Gill for Congress 2006 - Links to videos of David Gill (D) on hard work and the American Dream.  Gill is running against incumbent Tim Johnson (R).

(IN-07) IN-07 / My Daily Donation / E-17 / $20 to Julia Carson by cmanaster - Now taking time for the less publicized races, diarist explains the defense strategy.

(MI-09) MI-09: Own part of History...the Inconvenient Congressman Poster by Jordan LFW - Make a contribution to Nancy Skinner (D), running against incumbent Joe Knollenberg (R).

(NH-01) NH-01 Winds of Change by ManchesterConnection - Request for contributions to Dem Carol Shea-Porter in her bid to defeat incumbent Repub Jeb Bradley.

(NH-01) NH-01, Clark Stumps for Shea-Porter and Energizes Dems by hannah - General Wesley Clark speaks on behalf of Carol Shea-Porter (D), opposing Jeb Bradley (R), and other Dem candidates at Portsmouth dinner.

(NJ-07) Door to door for Linda Stender by AlisaR - Linda Stender (D) has a solid campaign running in New Jersey's Seventh District; Mike Ferguson is her Republican opponent.

(NY-03) NY-03: Peter King is an Asshole! (Episode 19) NYT Endorsement! by pontificator - New York Times goes on record to endorse Dave Mejias (D) in his race against asshole Peter King (R).

(NY-13) NY-13: MAJOR DEVELOPMENT in Harrison/Fossella Race - and you can help!!! by from the puggle - News that the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association has downrated big-on-terror Repub Vito Fossella can flip the race to Dem Steve Harrison, if we help spread the word. Diarist provides contact info.

(NY-19) NY-19: Times-Herald Record Endorses John Hall by Aug6PDB - Times-Herald Record has previously endorsed Repub Sue Kelly, but has withdrawn support in favor of Dem John Hall.

(NY-19) (NY-19) My day at a house party for John Hall by Randian - Diarist reports after attending a house party for John Hall (D) who is running against Sue Kelly (R).  Link for Hall included.

(NY-24) RNC smear of Michael Arcuri in NY congressional race. by tnichlsn - Help support Michael Arcuri (D) in his race against Ray Meier (R).

(NY-24) NY-24: Another false libelous ad NRCC refuses to pull by kos - Republicans are truly bad, bad people.

(NY-26) Tom Reynolds Event/GOP Incompetence by concernednyer2005 - John McCain speaks at a fundraiser for Tom Reynolds (R); Jack Davis (D) is running against him.

(NY-29) NY-29: This is how losers talk by Pogues Fan - The campaign of Randy Kuhl (R) is lying about the objectivity of the latest Majority Watch poll; it puts Eric Massa (D) well out in front.

(OH-14) OH-14 news and notes: Katz (D) v. LaTourette (R) by Hiram - Report on the goings-on from Lew Katz's (D) campaign against Lyin' Steve LaTourette (R).

(OH-18) OH-18th Needs Volunteers Now! by Hegman - The Ohio Democratic Party is looking for volunteers for our Phone Contact campaign for the next three weeks!

(PA-07) PA-07: My Neighbors JUST put up a Weldon Sign by mariawells - A Kossack's neighbors put up a sign in support of Curt Weldon (R), but why? Joe Sestak is the Democratic candidate in this race.

(WA-05) WA-05 | My Daily Donation | E-16 | $20 to Peter Goldmark by cmanaster - The newest in the series has made the recommended list and also, donations today have put the series over the $10,000 mark!

(WA-05) WA-05: Oops! McMorris and Craig on How Scared the GOP Is by mcjoan - Overheard conversation on how bad things look for the GOP.

(WA-08) Netroots Karma: Appeals for Darcy Burner from Brian Baird! by Mumon - Diarist thanks WA-03 incumbent Brian Baird (D) for using his war chest as well as his popular appeal to help Darcy Burner (D).

(WA-08) WA-8 That's Not Exactly the Whole Truth, Is It Mr. Reichert? by FranklySpeaking - Dave Reichert (R) is a flip-flopper when it comes to standing up to Big Oil; Darcy Burner (D) is his opponent.

(WA-08) Seattle Times LTEs: Burner Fans Scald Reichert by Joan in Seattle - Some letters responding to the Seattle Times' endorsements.

   Senate (16)

(CT-Sen) Ads for Ned! Pitch in! by Mr Bula - Suggestions are invited for ad ideas that would be helpful to Ned Lamont (D), running against Joe Lieberman (CFL) and Alan Schlesinger (R).

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: Back to the ground by PsiFighter37 - The story of a Kossack's day spent canvassing for Ned Lamont.

(CT-Sen) UPDATED COMMENTARY Questions for our Connecticut contingent by Bob Johnson - Some pointed questions for the 34% of Democrats in CT who say they'll vote for Joe Lieberman (CFL) over Ned Lamont (D).

(CT-Sen) Lieberman to replace Rummy--and keep senate R by cwhig - Diarist reasons Bush will nominate Lieberman to Secretary of Defense.

(MO-Sen)  The Senate Race We Need to Be Talking About: MO-Sen by Sam Spencer For County Commisioner - Diarist links to the most recent endorsements of Democrat Claire McCaskill over Republican Jim Talent.

(NJ-Sen) Menendez opens up nine point lead by Paleo - Dem Bob Menendez now has a 9 point lead over Repub Tom Kean Jr. in a poll that a month ago had Kean up by 6.

(NV-Sen) NV-Sen: More DEBATE PREP HELP for JACK CARTER! by Greg at Carter for Nevada - Jack Carter (D) needs your help regarding questions and responses for his upcoming debate with John Ensign (R).

(PA-Sen) Little Old Ladies Say Santorum Must Go by LULU - Diarist writes about his 88 yr old Aunt & her frieands wanting to throw out Rick.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: I got back to work...happy now? by Sidof79 - A Kossack canvasses for Harold Ford, Jr. (D) in his race against Bob Corker (R).

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: My Fantasy Harold Ford Opening Statement by FleetAdmiralJ - Diarist writes an opening statement for Ford (D) to use against Corker (R) at the next debate.

(VA-Sen) What do we say in the last two weeks? by teacherken - Diarist brings us his thoughts after attending a grassroots leaders meeting, using the Webb (D), Allen (R) race as a model.

(VA-Sen) John Warner Thinks So Highly of George Allen That by PM - His web site doesn't mention Allen (R) in a photo caption.

(WA-Sen) Seattle Times endorses Mike! McGavick by fireflynw - Seattle Times endoreses Mike McGavick (R) over incumbent Maria Cantwell (D) for Senate.

(WA-Sen) Seattle Times Goes Off the Deep End, Backs McGavick by eugene - Diarist dissects the Seattle Times endorsement of McGavick (R) over Cantwell (D).

(Var-Sen) Paul Projects: Senate Election Predictions by Qshio - Diarist predicts the winners in the hot races, with analysis.

(Var-Sen) Senate summary by plf515 - Report on pollster.com 5 and 10 poll average for Senate races in AZ, CT, MD, MN, MO, MT, NJ, NV, OH, PA, RI, TN, and VA.

   Various (10)

(CA-SoS) CA-SoS: SFC Endorsement goes to Bowen by Sarahkatheryn - SF Chronicle endorses Debra Bowen (D) for Secretary of State. Link for helping out Bowen included.

(MA-Gov) MA-Gov: Mitt Romney says Patrick has "single digit lead" by bluestatedude - Repub Gov Mitt Romney says that Repub Kerry Healy has closed a 39 point gap to within single digits on Dem Deval Patrick.

(MI-Gov) Dick DeVos: Profile In Extremism by Frederick Clarkson - Diarist provides links to a profile of Republican Dick DeVos, the challenger to Democrat Jennifer Granholm.

(MI-Gov) Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #16 by LiberalLucy - Has the latest in a series on the differences between Democrat Jennifer Granholm and Republican Dick DeVos

(MN-17B) 8,551 doors knocked - 17 days to go! [MN-17B] by JK Minnesota - Can you help Jeremy Kalin (D) get elected to Minnesota's State legislature?

(NV-Var) NV-All: Las Vegas Review-Journal Endorsements: Lies, Lies, and Damned Lies by deianaera - Debunks the negative allegations the Las Vegas Review-Journal about Dems running for Senate and Congress in the editorial endorsing Repubs.

(NY-State) LIVEBLOGGING -- NYBRI Fundraising Concert by nycnat - Diarist is livebloging a concert to raise funds for Brian Keeler's attempt to take a seat in the NY State Senate.

(WI-Gov) WI-The worst written newspaper endorsement by goofticket - Rundown of the Green Bay Press-Gazette endorsement of Repub Mark Green over incumbent Dem Jim Doyle.

(WI-Var) Doyle, Kohl and Falk draw big northern Wisconsin crowd by rhubarb - Key Wisconsin Dems including Gov. Jim Doyle, Sen. Herb Kohl, and Attorney General Kathleen Falk hosted a large rally in northern Wisconsin.

(WV-Var) WV - All Online Sample Ballots have Republicans Listed First! by mph2005 - West Virginia's online sample election ballots have Republicans listed first on them, but it's not clear why.

   General (6)

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart by Nightprowlkitty - Our own Kitty talks about the wonders of following election races all over the country involving committed, progressive candidates, and how much an individual citizen gains from the effort - win or lose.

NRCC Dumps $8.1 Million In 33 Defensive Districts by kenton ngo - A look at the list of the 8.5 million the NRCC gave out to 33 districts Friday.

Attention North Carolina Voters - Computer Voting Problems! by StormBear - Diarist writes about early voting problems in NC.

Local Voter Forum Imploding: How to Handle? (Wisconsin) by Naranjadia - Diarist is part of a coalition of women's organizations that is putting on a candidate forum this Monday in our city to introduce voters to where local candidates for the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly stand on issues important to women.

Ohio Needs Kossack Help Now! A Voting Rights Revival by IngThing - This diary is a summary of information on election protection and reform activities for this upcoming election and beyond.

Sunday morning slideshows ...with poll by Pilgrim Paul - Links to three youtube slideshow videos dealing with the election and the war in Iraq.

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