Tonight is the final debate between our man Larry Grant and the Club for Growth's wholly-owned Bill Sali. So I'm hanging out with best and brightest of Idaho bloggers (fortboise, IdaBlue, The Sniff Test, Red State Rebels, Grassroots for Grant, and New West--our hosts and cookie pushers for the evening).

Today was a banner day for Larry Grant, with Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez appearing for Larry at a press conference and a tea at which the women of Idaho plotted to take over Congress and the world. If there are any women who can do it, it's Idaho's women.

So as we get ready to watch tonight's debate (only those of you in Idaho will be able to really participate--it's on public television) the rest of you can mull over this fantastic news I just got from a source close to the Democratic Brady for Governor campaign. Jerry Brady has closed a 19-point gap since June.  In June, Otter was up 48-29%, in September Otter had a 45-34% lead, today Brady is up 42-40% on the 30-year politician Congressman C.L. "Butch" Otter. The poll surveyed 400 likely Idaho voters and the MoE is 5 points.

So while you all mull over the possibility of a Democratic Congressman and Governor in the great state of Idaho, the rest of us will watch the debate.

Update: Word is it's being livestreamed:

http://idahoptv.org/livehi.asx (hi bandwidth)
http://idahoptv.org/livelo.asx (lo bandwidth)

Update by kos: Let me format the poll in standard Daily Kos style:

Goodwin Simon Victoria Research (D) for Jerry Brady. Dates unknown. MoE 5% (September results)

If the election for Governor of Idaho were held today and the candidates were: (Names rotated), which one would you be inclined to vote for? (IF UNDECIDED ASK): ‘Well, towards whom do you lean?”

Otter (R): 40 (45)
Solid: 32
Lean: 8

Brady (D): 42 (34)
Solid: 35
Lean: 7

Ted Dunlop (L): 2
Solid: 2
Lean: 0

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Tue Oct 24, 2006 at 07:03 PM PDT.

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