If you are planning to or wish to live blog results on election night, feel free to volunteer for this project. This is how the plan will work:

Volunteers pick a minimum of 3 races and preferably around 5 or 6 (exceptions are states with fewer than 3 races or the big senate races) that you want to live blog on election night. Please try to keep races together geographically (races in the same state, or the same geographical area).


When you select races to live blog, if your email isn't in your profile, please either email it to me at fleetadmiralj (at) gmail (dot) com or post it as a comment.

These live blogging diaries will be linked from a central "home" diary which we will advertise to get recommend so it will go on the rec list.  This will give those looking for results to specific races the ability to quickly and easily get the latest results for those races here on daily kos.

That's it.  The only obligation for those doing diaries is that they are available on election night to post results as well as to keep results reasonably updated.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

Before I get to the list of races to choose from, there is one thing I'd like to get opinions on, both from those who have a thought on the matter, as well as anyone who has already volunteered or is thinking of volunteering:

jotter has suggested that volunteers set up their diaries a few days in advance.  That way, on election night I'll know exactly what diaries are going to be instead of having to search for them on election night.  Also, we can get any wrinkles as far as titles, tags, how results will be displayed, etc. sorted out before election night.

I think this is a pretty good idea, though I have a couple of concerns:

1. We probably don't want to put the races being covered in the title or tags immediately upon posting the diary.  The last thing we want is for 50 people to comment in a diary before we even get to election day.  To get around this, perhaps we can come up with some standard text to put in the diary like "This is a placeholder diary for the Election Results Live Blogging Project.  Please do not comment in this diary."

Then, perhaps a day or so later, the diariest can go in and put in the proper title and tags into the diary and set it up after enough time has passed so that very few people would just happen to stumble on it.

This problem has been solved. Once one posts a placekeeper diary, go into edit mode, and above where you can edit the diary title, there is a drop down box that allows you to select "disable comments." Choose that option and update the diary. That should prevent people from prematurely commenting. Once election day comes around, just turn commenting back on.

2. The second concern, and I guess it's not that big, is that if we have 30+ volunteers, that means 30+ placeholder diaries hitting the recent diary list in the next week.  Hopefully this won't get annoying for people trying to browse the diaries with people complaining that it's knocking more timely diaries off the recent diary list.

Those are my two concerns.  I don't think they're huge, but I'd like people's opinions on them.

Update [2006-10-30 14:37:27 by FleetAdmiralJ]: Ok, for those volunteering (and even those who arent), we're experimenting with a diary template over in another diary here.

Ok, on to the list.  Here are the list of races in the project.  The 10 senate races at the top are races which probably should be in their own diary.  Struck out races are races which people have already volunteered to take:

Update [2006-10-30 22:39:45 by FleetAdmiralJ]: If you live in an area which doesn't seem to have many races going on, you can always group different races from nearby states together into a single diary. Some examples of this might be:

Example 1: AK-Gov, HI-02, OR-Gov
Example 2: AR-Gov, LA-02 GA-08, GA-12
Example 3: MA-Gov, NH-01, NH-02, RI-Gov, VT-AL, NJ-07
Example 4: KY-02, KY-03, KY-04, NC-05, NC-13
Example 5: ID-01, ID-Gov, NM-01

Of course, there are clearly other ways to combine some of these races, and one can always include races from other states (like Washington to example 1 or Connecticut to Example 3)

Now (really) on to the races list:

Ned Lamont (D) vs. Alan Schlesinger (R) vs. Joe Lieberman (CFL) [CT-Sen] (8:00 pm)
Ben Cardin (D) vs. Michael Steele (R) [MD-Sen] (8:00 pm)
Claire McCaskill (D) vs. Jim Talent (R) [MO-Sen] (8:00 pm)
Jon Tester (D) vs. Conrad Burns (R) [MT-Sen] (10:00 PM)

Bob Menendez (D) vs. Thomas Kean, Jr. (R) [NJ-Sen] (8:00 pm)
Sherrod Brown (D) vs. Mike DeWine (R) [OH-Sen] (7:30 pm)
Bob Casey (D) vs. Rick Santorum (R) [PA-Sen] (8:00 pm)
Sheldon Whitehouse (D) vs. Lincoln Chafee (R) [RI-Sen] (9:00 pm)
Harold Ford (D) vs. Bob Corker, Jr. (R) [TN-Sen] (8:00 pm)
Jim Webb (D) vs. George Allen (R) [VA-Sen] (7:00 pm)

Alaska (1:00 am)
Tony Knowles (D) vs. Sarah Palin (R) [AK-Gov]

Arkansas (8:30 pm)
Mike Beebe (D) vs. Asa Hutchinson (R) [AR-Gov]

Arizona (9:00 pm)
Ellen Simon (D) vs. Rick Renzi (R) [AZ-1]
Harry Mitchell (D) vs. J.D. Hayworth (R) [AZ-5]
Gabrielle Giffords (D) vs. Randall Graf (R) [AZ-8]
Jim Pederson (D) vs. Jon Kyl (R) [AZ-Sen]

California (11:00 pm)
Charlie Brown (D) vs. John Doolittle (R) [CA-4]
Jerry McNerney (D) vs. Richard Pombo (R) [CA-11]
David Roth (D) vs. Mary Bono (R) [CA-45]
Francine Busby (D) vs. Brian Bilbray (R) [CA-50]
Phil Angelides (D) vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) [CA-Gov]

Colorado (9:00 pm)
Angie Paccione (D) vs. Marilyn Musgrave (R) [CO-4]
Jay Fawcett (D) vs. Doug Lamborn (R) [CO-5]
Bill Winter (D) vs. Tom Tancredo (R) [CO-6]
Ed Perlmutter (D) vs. Rick O'Donnell (R) [CO-7]
Bill Ritter (D) vs. Bob Beauprez (R) [CO-Gov]

Connecticut (8:00 pm)
Joe Courtney (D) vs. Rob Simmons (R) [CT-2]
Diane Farrell (D) vs. Christopher Shays (R) [CT-4]
Chris Murphy (D) vs. Nancy Johnson (R) [CT-5]

Florida (8:00 pm)
Charlie Stuart (D) vs. Ric Keller (R) [FL-8]
Phyllis Busansky (D) vs. Gus Bilirakis (R) [FL-9]
Christine Jennings (D) vs. Vern Buchanan (R) [FL-13]
Tim Mahoney (D) vs. Joe Negron (R) [FL-16]
Ron Klein (D) vs. E. Clay Shaw, Jr. (R) [FL-22]
Clint Curtis (D) vs. Tom Feeney (R) [FL-24]
Jim Davis (D) vs. Charlie Crist (R) [FL-Gov]

Georgia (7:00 pm)
Jim Marshall (D) vs. Mac Collins (R) [GA-8]
John Barrow (D) vs. Max Burns (R) [GA-12]

Hawaii (11:00 pm)
Mazie Hirono (D) vs. Bob Hogue (R) [HI-2]

Iowa (10:00 pm)
Bruce Braley (D) vs. Mike Whalen (R) [IA-1]
Dave Loebsack (D) vs. Jim Leach (R) [IA-2]
Leonard Boswell (D) vs. Jeffrey Lamberti (R) [IA-3]
Chet Culver (D) vs. Jim Nussle (R) [IA-Gov]

Idaho (10:00 pm)
Larry Grant (D) vs. Bill Sali (R) [ID-1]
Jerry Brady (D) vs. Jim Risch (R) [ID-Gov]

Illinois (8:00 pm)
Tammy Duckworth (D) vs. Peter Roskam (R) [IL-6]
Melissa Bean (D) vs. David McSweeney (R) [IL-8]
Dan Seals (D) vs. Mark Kirk (R) [IL-10]

John Laesch (D) vs. J. Dennis Hastert (R) [IL-14]
Phil Hare (D) vs. Andrea Zinga (R) [IL-17]
Rod Blagojevich (D) vs. Judy Topinka (R) vs. Rich Whitney (G) [IL-Gov]

Indiana (6:00 pm)
Joe Donnelly (D) vs. Chris Chocola (R) [IN-2]
Tom Hayhurst (D) vs. Mark Souder (R) [IN-3]
Barry Welsh (D) vs. Mike Pence (R) [IN-6]
Julia Carson (D) vs. Eric Dickerson (R) [IN-7]
Brad Ellsworth (D) vs. John Hostettler (R) [IN-8]
Baron Hill (D) vs. Mike Sodrel (R) [IN-9]

Kansas (8:00 pm)
Nancy Boyda (D) vs. Jim Ryun (R) [KS-2]

Kentucky (6:00 pm)
Mike Weaver (D) vs. Ron Lewis (R) [KY-2]
John Yarmuth (D) vs. Anne Northup (R) [KY-3]
Ken Lucas (D) vs. Geoff Davis (R) [KY-4]

Louisiana (9:00 pm)
9 Democrats (D) vs. Joe Lavigne (R) [LA-2] (open primary)

Massachusetts (8:00 pm)
Deval Patrick (D) vs. Kerry Healey (R) [MA-Gov]

Maryland (8:00 pm)
Andrew Duck (D) vs. Roscoe Bartlett, Jr. (R) [MD-6]
Martin O'Malley (D) vs. Bob Ehrlich, Jr. (R) [MD-Gov]

Maine (8:00 pm)
John Baldacci  (D) vs. Chandler Woodcock (R) [ME-Gov]

Michigan (8:00 pm)
Sharon Renier (D) vs. Tim Walberg (R) [MI-7]
Jim Marcinkowski (D) vs. Mike Rogers (R) [MI-8]
Nancy Skinner (D) vs. Joe Knollenberg (R) [MI-9]
Tony Trupiano (D) vs. Thaddeus McCotter (R) [MI-11]
Jennifer Granholm (D) vs. Dick DeVos (R) [MI-Gov]
Debbie Stabenow (D) vs. Mike Bouchard (R) [MI-Sen]

Minnesota (9:00 pm)
Tim Walz (DFL) vs. Gil Gutknecht, Jr. (R) [MN-1]
Colleen Rowley (DFL) vs. John Kline (R) [MN-2]
Patty Wetterling (DFL) vs. Michele Bachmann (R) [MN-6]
Mike Hatch (DFL) vs. Tim Pawlenty (R) [MN-Gov]
Amy Klobuchar (DFL) vs. Mark Kennedy (R) [MN-Sen]

North Carolina (7:30 pm)
Roger Sharpe (D) vs. Virginia Foxx (R) [NC-5]
Larry Kissell (D) vs. Robin Hayes (R) [NC-8]
Heath Shuler (D) vs. Charles Taylor (R) [NC-11]

Brad Miller (D) vs. Vernon Robinson, III (R) [NC-13]

Nebraska (9:00 pm)
Maxine Moul (D) vs. Jeff Fortenberry (R) [NE-1]
Jim Esch (D) vs. Lee Terry (R) [NE-2]
Scott Kleeb (D) vs. Adrian Smith (R) [NE-3]

New Hampshire (7:00 pm)
Carol Shea-Porter (D) vs. Jeb Bradley, III (R) [NH-1]
Paul Hodes (D) vs. Charles Bass (R) [NH-2]

New Jersey (8:00 pm)
Linda Stender (D) vs. Mike Ferguson (R) [NJ-7]

New Mexico (9:00 pm)
Patricia Madrid (D) vs. Heather Wilson (R) [NM-1]

Nevada (10:00 pm)
Jill Derby (D) vs. Dean Heller (R) [NV-2]
Tessa Hafen (D) vs. Jon Porter, Sr. (R) [NV-3]
Dina Titus (D) vs. Jim Gibbons (R) [NV-Gov]
Jack Carter (D) vs. John Ensign (R) [NV-Sen]

New York (9:00 pm)
Dave Mejias (D) vs. Peter King (R) [NY-3]
John Hall (D) vs. Sue Kelly (R) [NY-19]
Kirsten Gillibrand (D) vs. John Sweeney (R) [NY-20]
Mike Arcuri (D) vs. Ray Meier (R) [NY-24]
Dan Maffei (D) vs. James Walsh (R) [NY-25]
Jack Davis (D) vs. Tom Reynolds (R) [NY-26]
Eric Massa (D) vs. Randy Kuhl, Jr. (R) [NY-29]
Eliot Spitzer (D) vs. John Faso (R) [NY-Gov]

Ohio (7:30 pm)
John Cranley (D) vs. Steve Chabot (R) [OH-1]
Victoria Wulsin (D) vs. Jean Schmidt (R) [OH-2]
Charlie Wilson (D) vs. Chuck Blasdel (R) [OH-6]
Bob Shamansky (D) vs. Pat Tiberi (R) [OH-12]
Betty Sutton (D) vs. Craig Foltin (R) [OH-13]
Mary Jo Kilroy (D) vs. Deborah Pryce (R) [OH-15]
Zack Space (D) vs. Joy Padgett (R) [OH-18]
Ted Strickland (D) vs. Ken Blackwell (R) [OH-Gov]

Oregon (11:00 pm)
Ted Kulongoski (D) vs. Ron Saxton (R) [OR-Gov]

Pennsylvania (8:00 pm)
Jason Altmire (D) vs. Melissa Hart (R) [PA-4]
Lois Murphy (D) vs. Jim Gerlach (R) [PA-6]
Joe Sestak (D) vs. Curt Weldon (R) [PA-7]
Patrick Murphy (D) vs. Mike Fitzpatrick (R) [PA-8]
Chris Carney (D) vs. Don Sherwood (R) [PA-10]

Rhode Island (9:00 pm)
Charles Fogarty (D) vs. Donald Carcieri (R) [RI-Gov]

Tennessee (8:00 pm)
Bill Morrison (D) vs. Marsha Blackburn (R) [TN-7]
Steve Cohen (D) vs. Mark White (R) vs. Jake Ford (I) [TN-9]

Texas (8:00 pm)
Shane Sklar (D) vs. Ron Paul (R) [TX-14]
Chet Edwards (D) vs. Van Taylor (R) [TX-17]
John Courage (D) vs. Lamar Smith (R) [TX-21]
Nick Lampson (D) vs. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs (R) [TX-22]
Ciro Rodriguez, et. al. (D) vs. Henry Bonilla (R) [TX-23] (open primary)
Will Pryor (D) vs. Pete Sessions (R) [TX-32]
Chris Bell (D) vs. Rick Perry (R) vs. Kinky Friedman (I) vs. Carole Strayhorn (I) [TX-Gov]

Virginia (7:00 pm)
Phil Kellam (D) vs. Thelma Drake (R) [VA-2]
Judy Feder (D) vs. Frank Wolf (R) [VA-10]

Vermont (7:00 pm)
Peter Welch (D) vs. Martha Rainville (R) [VT-AL]

Washington (11:00 pm)
Peter Goldmark (D) vs. Cathy McMorris (R) [WA-5]
Darcy Burner (D) vs. Dave Reichert (R) [WA-8]
Maria Cantwell (D) vs. Mike McGavick (R) [WA-Sen]

Wisconsin (9:00 pm)
Steve Kagen (D) vs. John Gard (R) [WI-8]
Jim Doyle (D) vs. Mark Green (R) [WI-Gov]

Wyoming (9:00 pm)
Gary Trauner (D) vs. Barbara Cubin (R) [WY-AL]

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