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This Roundup Diary covers the period from 1:00 PM Tuesday, 10/31 to 1:00 PM EDT Wednesday, 11/1.

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- 32 On Senate races
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This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House or Senate races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

Reminder - If you are doing a diary on a specific race, particularly a House or Senate race, PLEASE, put the race number (or XX-Sen) at the beginning of the diary header. More diarists are now doing this and it is immensely helpful.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in this series, please see:
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(1:00 PM, Tuesday, 10/31 to 1:00 PM, Wednesday, 11/1):  (126 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from O)

   House (57)

(PA-06) PA-06: Last debate goes to Murphy by accumbens - Lois Murphy (D) lands a good one in her debate with Rep. Jim Gerlach (R).

(PA-07) GOP Gives up on Crazy Curt by MLDB - Goopers hold "Crazy" Rep. Curt Weldon (R) out to dry.

(PA-07) RETREAT!!! Weldon (PA-07) Well Done by Savage - The House Republicans have pulled television ads in PA-07, Joe Sestak (D) is doing so well against Curt Weldon (R).

(PA-09) PA-09: Why I am Doing What I am Doing by Tony Barr09 - High drug costs for seniors, high fuel costs for all - these are things that Tony Barr (D) will work to fix.

(PA-09) PA09 rollin' with big Mo' by DvilleDem - Diarist links to some YouTube videos.

(PA-10) PA-10, Help Ruin Don Sherwoods Night!! by jmorton - Call in and ask Rep. Don Sherwood (R) some tough questions.

(PA-12) Diana Irey - Just Another GOP Candidate Gone Mad by cyberotter - Diana Irey (R) wants to 'stay the course'; Jack Murtha (D) doesn't.

(TX-10) Tx -10: Ted Ankrum on illegal immigration by anotherdemocrat - Presents the view of Ted Ankrum (D), who is facing Rep. Michael McCaul (R), on illegal immigration.

(VA-10) (VA-10) Judy Feder Live on the air on WaPo Radio by Loudoun County Dem - Judy Feder (D) will speak live on Wednesday, while incumbent Frank Wolf (R) declines. Link to come.

(VA-11) VA-11: Tom Davis votes with Bush 90% -- or 95% -- of the time by achamblee - takes a comprehensive look at the voting record of Republican Tom Davis as he defends his seat from challenger Democrat Andy Hurst.

(WA-08) Canvassing weekend in Washington State - airfare and lodging provided by Petronella - Anyone want a free trip to Washington state to help out netroots candidate Darcy Burner (D)?

(WA-08) Darcy (WA-08) Doorbanging: A Halloween Tale (UPDATE) by Auntie Neo Kawn - Diarist has a canvassing story.

(WA-08) WA-08: excited infrequent voters by UncleDavid - Voters psyched for netroots candidate Darcy Burner (D).

(WI-05) WI-5: Naysayers be gone...Rove and Repubs not almighty by cheeseismoldymilk - diairst has a personal look at the campaign of Democrat Bryan Kennedy's race to defeat Republican James"It's my gavel and I'll take it if I want to" Sensennbrenner.

(WY-AL) House Dem Leadership: Can you help Wyoming turn blue? by DrKate - Diarist pleads for more help to get rid of Barbara Cubin (R).

(AK-AL) It's embarrassing (AK-AL) by pdknz - Why this diarist supports Diane Benson (D) over Don Young (R).

(CA-04) CA-04 Doolittle takes a Cab..into Terror Neverland.... by AmericanRiverCanyon - John Doolittle is associated with a controversial anti-preservationist organization.

(CA-11) "Phoning it in" to CA-11 (Take down Pombo!) by Mark Wallace - Diarist's personal take on phonebanking for Jerry McNerney (D) facing Richard Pombo (R).

(CA-11) we all live in Richard Pombo's district by kid oakland - Rep. Richard Pombo's (R) hatred of the environment affects everyone.

(CA-11) CA-11: President Clinton campaigns TONIGHT for Jerry McNerney (Wednesday, 9 pm) by McNerneyforCongress - has the info on a campaign rally to be attended by Bill Clinton for Democrat Jerry McNerney facing Republican Richard Pombo.

(CA-11) Tracy Press endorses Pombo by wrolley - Second newspaper in CA 11 endorses the Pombo alter ego (you know, the one that's going to change for the better once he gets back to D.C.).

(CA-11) CA-11: Clinton and Celebs Working for McNerney by Naturegal - Great momentum for McNerney!

(CA-26) Cynthia Matthews (CA-26) on World Peace, the Environment, Iraq and Ousting Dreier  by Machado - Cynthia Matthews (D) debates David Dreier (R).

(CO-04) CO-04: Chalk Up Another Incredible Toss Up by mcjoan - Diarist has a ground report from CO-04.

(CO-04) Paccione needs BOTV Walkers in CO-4 by Kenevan McConnon - Angie Paccione (D) is pulling ahead of Martha Musgrave (R) but needs people to help GOTV.

(CT-04) CT-04: CT Repub Chris Shays' Chutzpah by goldrick - Christopher Shays (R) claims to be fiscally responsible, but is he?   Diane Farrell is his Democratic opponent.

(FL-22) FL-22: Shaw (R) PERSONALLY SUPRESSES VOTE! by weelzup - Diarist has a story on election machines in FL-22.

(GA-03) Westmoreland Attacks McGraw-Atlanta Journal & Constitution Endorses McGraw-"Oust Westmoreland" by mostconsiderate - News from the race and some graphics of recent attack mail.

(IL-06) Shocker: McCain endorses Duckworth in front of Roskam! by zenbowl - John McCain (R) endorsed Tammy Duckworth (D) indirectly when he praised the young injured service people at Walter Reed Hospital as "Some of the very best".

(IL-06) IL-06 GOTV Calling all volunteers! GOTV this weekend, Monday and Tuesday by Markg8 - Zogby poll shows Duckworth (D) with a sizable lead.

(IL-11) IL-11 Pavich and Chicago Tribune Address Weller Nuclear Issues by chicagodavid - Weller (R), who has taken cash from nuclear plant owners, refuses to help a local Republican voter whose daughter contracted brain cancer while living near the plant. Guess who ended up helping? Ed Markey.

(IL-14) IL-14: At the Sycamore Pumkin Day Parade by Erik the Red - The diarist tells about the parade and support for John Laesch (D) as he tries to take Dennis Hastert's (R) seat.

(IL-14) IL-14: Hastert vs. ..Michelle? A call for help by Downtowner - No, John Laesch (D) is still the candidate, but phone banker Michelle is the secret weapon and will train sorely needed reinforcements.

(IN-06)* IN-06 I Didn't get knocked out, I didn't even get bloody. Debate Diary by Barry Welsh - the candidate himself brings a recap of his debate with Republican Mike Pence.

(KS-02) KS-02 President Bush Stumping for Ryun by luckyshot101 - This district is so blood red, how does Nancy Boyda (D) even have a shot? But she does.

(KY-03) KY-3 Yarmuth up 6! by voter in the ville - John Yarmuth (D) leads Anne Northup (R) in a new poll.

(MA-Var) Taking back the House State by State - MASSACHUSETTS!! by ultrageek - Info on all the MA districts.

(MI-09) MI-09: No More Lies, No More Fear! Help us counter radio attacks by Jordan LFW - Counters an ad by Rep. Joe Knollenberg (R), whose opponent is Nancy Skinner (D).

(MN-01) Fighting Dem Tim Walz MN-01 hosts John Kerry tomorrow by kkjohnson - John Kerry is going to speak for Tim Walz (D), running against Gil Gutknecht (R).

(MN-02) MN-02 John Kline slights district's Veterans to pick up a check by georeeve - Diarist has some info on MN 02.

(NC-05) UPDATE NC-05: Reporters Banned From Debate by StormBear - Virginia Foxx (R) is so scared to debate Roger Sharpe (D) that she's banned reporters from watching.

(NC-08) NC-08: I'm calling in the Air Force by Larry Kissell - Help Democrat Larry Kissell  take to the air, to set his record straight.

(NC-11) Help a Senior Citizen attain her life-long dream with Charles Taylor's (R) help. by paulv - Help send Charles Taylor's mother to Russia.

(NE-02) URGENT Action Item in NE-02---PLEASE HELP! by DMOmaha - Diarist is asking for help for phone calls.

(NE-02) DailyKos: Jim Esch, NE-02 Candidate, Needs Your Help! by DMOmaha - The Esch (D) campaign needs help responding to a disgusting attack ad.

(NE-03) BREAKING! NE-03: We've Got 'Em Scared! Bush Coming To Nebraska by ptmflbcs - Bush goes deep into Republican territory.

(NH-01) NH-01 Laura Bush Visit a Bust! What IS going on in NH-01??? by ManchesterConnection -Laura Bush turns out to speak for  Jeb Bradley (R); opposing him is Carol Shea-Porter (D).

(NY-13) NY-13: Schumer comes to Staten Island to Endorse Harrison by msirt - Diarist has Chuck Schumer's visit to NY-13.

(NY-19) NY-19: More signs of desperation from Sue Kelly by Take19 - Sue Kelly (R) is clutching at straws; John Hall (D) is running against her.

(NY-19) NY-19: Sue Kelly's $1,000,000 campaign slush fund! by bobswern - Repub incumbent Sue Kelly's contributor lists provide a clue as to why the financial services sector she supposedly oversees is running amok.

(NY-19) Poughkeepsie Journal (shockingly) Endorses Hall over Kelly (NY-19) by MrMacMan - Repub Sue Kelly loses expected endorsement to Dem John Hall, in part over Iraq stance.

(NY-20) John Sweeney "knocking her around the house" by Andrew C White - John Sweeney's long-time domestic abuse rumors have finally hit the front page.

(NY-20) John Sweeney - Alcoholic, Wife-beater by dmsarad - Some small blights in Sweeney's (R) past.

(NY-20) John Sweeney - Congressman Wife Beater by lamb writer - Diarist links to some local media coverage of Sweeney (R).

(NY-25) NY-25: Zogby results canned AGAIN by NYCO - A Zogby poll on this race has been delayed once more; Dan Maffei (D) and Jim Walsh (R) are the candidates.

(House-Var) Danger flags from Majority Watch Polls by Roby NJ - Majority Watch polls also have bad news for the Dems.

(House-Var) Tuesday's DCCC money dump - FEC filings for 10/31/06 by campskunk - Diarist has the DCCC money flow for 10/31.

   Senate (32)

(PA-Sen) Springtime For Santorum by Hunter - Senator Rick Santorum (R) is accusing his opponent, Bob Casey (D) of supporting genocide and terrorism, among other things.

(RI-Sen) RI-Sen: Chafee's last-ditch effort ad by kos -Senator Lincoln Chafee (R) puts out a new ad explaining why he will lose to Sheldon Whitehouse (D).

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen Mehlman  SMACKDOWN: Retort to RNC's "Call me" by Iamthereason - The diarist has a retort ad to the infamous "Call me" ad put out by Bob Corker's (R) campaign against Harold Ford (D); he wants $ to get the ad air time.

(TN-Sen) The Southern Strategy unfolds ... by ProgressiveSouth - Repub henchman Scott Howell racebaits Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D).

(TN-Sen) What is Ford Thinking? by zoso553 - Diarist laments the news that Ford (D) will call for Kerry to apologize for his joke.

(TN-Sen) Ford calls on Kerry to apologize. Tester too by quaoar - Two democratic candidates call on Kerry to apologize for remarks made about the war. Lots of comments on this thread.

(TN-Sen) TN-Sen: Just Stop It. Please, Y'all. by GoldnI - Dairist makes a great case to shut up and support Harold Ford (D).

(VA-Sen) Amy Webb Hogan Talks About Her Dad, Jim Webb: Live Blog Now! by lowkell - Amy Webb Hogan gives us a personal glimpse of dad, netroots candidate Jim Webb (D).

(VA-Sen) VA Sen: Dems will outspend the GOP 2:1 by Thaddaeus Toad - The DSCC intends to spend big on Jim Webb's campaign to oust George Allen.

(VA-Sen) George Allen's Sister Recalls Beatings In Tell-All by MikieNes - Sen. George Allen (R) is an abusive bully.

(VA-Sen) Hey Fairfax and Loudoun Virginians! Let's ask Felix some questions! by poppyseed - Diarist thinks more questions should be asked of George Allen.

(VA-Sen) Mike Stark (Calling All Wingnuts) Attacked by Allen Staffers by Cheez Whiz - More evidence that the followers of Sen. George Allen (R) are a bunch of psychopaths.

(VA-Sen) Who's Responsible for Stark Assault? by MLDB - Libby Dole tries to implicate Webb campaign in blogger's approach and questioning of Allen.

(VA-Sen) Allen Campaign: Even YOU guys are better than this! by Steve Jarding - Jim Webb's (D) senior strategist call's George Allen's (R) staff to account for crude tactics in blogger incident.

(VA-Sen) Stark incident coverage in Virginia papers (w/poll) by teacherken - Statewide news coverage of scuffle between progressive blogger and Allen campaign.

(VA-Sen) Thuggery: The TRUE Republican virtues of today... by Mumon - Suggests that that incident that had Sen. George Allen's (R) goons roughing up a questioner is part and parcel of the GOP thuggery MO; Allen is opposed by Jim Webb (D).

(VA-Sen) Allen Thugs Are Domestic Terrorists According to the Patriot Act by KEVIN SCHMIDT STERLING VA - Diarist makes the case that Allen's campaign staffers could be labeled as domestic terrorists.

(VA-Sen) OH NOES! ANOTHER ALLEN/WEBB DIARY by jjhare - Diarist has some questions he'd like to ask Mr. Allen.

(CT-Sen) ACTION ITEM Google adwords bomb by klondike - The diarist asks Kossacks to help counter an anti Ned Lamont (D) Google Bomb.

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: An Update From Inside Campaign HQ by ttagaris - The great Tim Tagaris gives us the inside scoop on what netroots candidate Ned Lamont (D) is up to.

(CT-Sen) CT- Sen Haunting Sight in New Haven by Wanderer - The diarist caught sight of a handmade sign on a truck in New Haven that said "Joseph Mengele and Joe Lieberman say Torture's OK".

(CT-Sen) CT-Sen: "People Power Petering Out?" by bincbom - This is what Sen. Joe Lieberman (D) says and wants to believe about netroots candidate Ned Lamont's (D) campaign.

(CT-Sen) CT-SEN Ringtones supporting Lamont and Vote Democratic by Thom K in LA - A very creative Kossack has made cell phone ringtones promoting Ned Lamont (D) and urging people to vote for Democrats.

(CT-Sen) Lamont closes to within 6 points by Ken in Tex - Reframes results showing Ned Lamont (D) is gaining on Sen. Joe Lieberman (CfL).

(CT-Sen) Neocons want to recruit Leiberman as a VP candidate by jtholland - Diarist links to an Atlantic Monthly article that quotes a neo-con lusting over Lieberman.

(MD-Sen) How Should Maryland Peace Voters Vote in Senate Race? by MikeHershDotCom - Diarist has the Peace Voters info on MD-SEN.

(MD-Sen) James Dobson: Breaking the Law in MD? by DefCon Dave - James Dobson comes closer to the legal line in his rants against Ben Cardin (D) and for the "sanctity of life" beliefs of Michael Steele (R).

(MD-Sen) MD-Sen: Simulation Steele V Cardin by - jiacinto - Diarist juggles the numbers.

(MD-Sen) MD-Sen: Disgruntled Black Democrats endorse Steele in Prince George's County by Sharon in MD - Link and discussion on the WaPo article about a group of African American Dems supporting Michael Steele (R) over Ben Cardin (D).

(ME-Sen) ME-SEN: How's That Again? by jeanhaybright - Olympia Snowe (R) has strongly supported weakening the Representative branch in Bush's favor; Jean Hay Bright (D) would try to strengthen it.

(MO-Sen) Donate $10 to McCaskill or GOP Senate by Moderately Liberal Conservative - Diarist asks for funds for McCaskill (D).

(MT-Sen) MT-Sen: Did the NRA endorse Schweitzer in 2004? by Progressive Moderate - It appears that the NRA will support Conrad Burns (R) more for the letter after his name than the fact that his opponent, Jon Tester (D) is also pro-gun.

   Various (27)

(OH-SoS) Latest GOP Smear: She worked with REPUBLICANS!!! by daulton - Ohio Republicans try to smear Jennifer Brunner (D) by saying she may actually be one of those sneaky Republicans.

(OH-Var) Ohio Democratic Races Decimated by Shocking US District Court Ruling?? by Hoomai29 - Don't know what this is all about, but it looks confusing.

(OK-Gov) OK-Gov: Istook getting desperate! by deha - Karl Rove fails in his quest to bail out Republican Ernest Istook.

(OR-Gen) How to Vote by Mail: Oregon Style by skywaker9 - has a primer on how to vote by mail in Oregon.

(OR-HD-49) 5 Things You Can Do to Help Rob Brading Win by PacNW BlueBerry Girl - asks for Kossack help for Democrat Rob Brading to defeat Republican Karen Minnis.

(TN-Var) TN: Early Cote Analysis--What Counties are Voting Most? by DonBinTn - The early votes have been counted in Tennessee.

(TX-AG) TX-AG: GOP incumbent rocked by scandals by PDiddie - Greg Abbott (R), opposed by David Van Os (D), misuses state funds, selectively enforces law, to intimidate Dem voters.

(TX- Var) From an election judge re: Texas "vote flipping" by anna - The diarist is an election judge who would prefer paper ballots but tries to set the record straight about vote flipping on touch screens.

(TX-Var) Judge blocks Vote Suppression Scheme by Tomtech - Diarist has absentee ballot info from TX.

(TX-Var) TX Dem Party Files Federal Lawsuit Against Electronic Voting by krazypuppy - Minimize shenanigans! Confirm your vote!

(WI-Gov) WI Governor's Race - Doyle in Trouble? by russw - Some great detailed poll info on this race.

(CA-Gov) CA-GOV: an insight from phone banking by tacky - Report on phonebanking for Phil Angelides (D).

(CA-Var) One Woman's Ballot 2006 Redux by EmilyD - Another installment in the diarist's reasons for voting.

(FL-Gov) Some Florida Voting Machines Always Vote Republican by bex - Voter trying to vote for Jim Davis (D) ends up on the confirmation page with Charlie Crist (R).

(FL-Gov) Poll: The Most Important Race in the Country Is... (with Poll) by gatordem - Diarist's picks, with analysis, and links for Jim Davis (D).

(MD-Gov) MD-Gov: Ehrlich and O'Malley in Dead Heat by Sharon in MD - Martin O'Malley's (D) lead over Bob Ehrlich (R) is shrinking. Diarist analyzes situation.

(MD-Var) Maryland Democrats - The time is now. by nickshepDEM - Diarist has GOTV info for MD.

(MI-Gov) Devos Does Dastardly Deed, Pretends Pulpit Personal by mkrell - Dick DeVos is endorsed by Detroit's Perfecting Church; Jennifer Granholm is the Democratic candidate.

(MI-Gen) Right-Wing GOTV: Using Ballot Initiatives? by Rayne - Reviews several ballot initiatives, and suggests that many of them are intended to drive GOP voters to the polls.

(MI-Gov) MI-GOV: Dick DeVos on Lifestyles of the Rich & Infamous by devoshead - Debuts a poem about Dick DeVos (R), who is running against Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D).

(MI-Gov) Just Say NO to Dick and YES to Jen - Reason #6 by LiberalLucy - Continues a series on why to vote for Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) over Dick DeVos (R).

(MN-Var) New Poll: MN-Sen & MN Gov by guyermo - Echoes the results of a new poll which says that Amy Klobuchar (D) (opponent: Rep. Mark Kennedy (R)) and Mike Hatch (D) (opponent: Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R)) have large leads.

(NV-Gov) NV-GOV: Dead Heat by RandiMI - Rasmussen poll shows Gibbons (R) and Titus (D) in a dead heat!

(NV-Var) Nevada Vote Machine Fuck-ups: Lawsuit Filed by Media Revolution - The diarist describes how a Nevada voter found a screw-up on a Diebold machine in the 2004 election.

(NY-Gov) What Elliot Can't Do . . . by ESun67 - Focuses on the weaknesses of Elliot Spitzer (D), who opposes John Faso (R), from a Libertarian perspective.

(NY-StSen41) Inside NYBri HQ: Spitzer, Ninjas, Hall Not Oates Edition! by lipris - Diarist has pictures of Spitzer Helping NYBri.

(Var) Cook's latest updates by kos - A look at Charlie Cook's predictions, showing what netroots and ActBlue can do for previously "unwinnable" races.

(Var) FOLLOWING THE POLLS: The Tuesday Edition (ONE WEEK!!) by Steve Singiser - Steve's daily roundup of nationwide polls.

   General (10)

Down the rabbit hole: A reflection by PsiFighter37 - An insightful essay about the past, present, and future of the Democratic Party.

"Bush is Sinking His Own People" (Election Eve Videos) by Al Rodgers - Al's collection of videos.

Phone banking pep talk by ALS Fighter - If a person with ALS is phonebanking, what's your excuse?

 Searching Daily Kos with election tags (etags) by jotter - The tech team makes election diaries easier to search.

7 Days & Counting - All Star Edition by aimeeinkc - Diarist has the "what did you do today" series.

Geek the Vote by doctor o - has a suggestion for kossacks to protect the vote.

Key election graphs (including some Governors) by plf515 - Continues a series showing graphs with trend lines from a variety of races.

I was a MoveOn phone banker by herschel - Recounts the experience of being part of MoveOn's GOTV effort.

Final Election Predictions; Part I, the South (w/ POLL) by Nathaniel Ament Stone - Diarist predictions for the South.

Polls, polls, polls by kos - I think it might be....polls.

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