While the national media looks across the country for the significant close races to follow they miss the most important. Even the Chicago Tribune misses the mark. How ashamed they should feel--and how

dare they call themselves professional journalists. Even NPR when reporting that Hastert had raised over $4.5 million and his opponent only $174,000 they didn't even mention Laesch's name.

This will be the biggest grassroots upset in the history of electorial politics in the U.S. An upset of a sitting Speaker of the House without his party's support. Also without the support of the weak and cowardly Democratic Senators from his own state--namely Durbin and Obama.

The journalists should not be the only ones ashamed. The DCCC should also be ashamed. They told Laesch they wouldn't support him until he raised $300,000. He has raised $200,000 and they still sit on their wallets.

Laesch was 23 pts. behind 4 weeks ago and tonight it was reported that he only trails Hastert by 4pts.

Watch history being made right here in the Il-14th while the American media, the paid lapdogs of corporate wealth sleep through another one. It is up to the people and the people have heard the call--let's hope they make it to the polls that count come Nov. 7th.

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