It's 10:00AM in Nashville on  Sunday morning November 5, 2006, and I just finished watching "Face the Nation".  
Usually this right wing preacher with the huge "Corner Stone Ministries Church" comes on and preaches about how if you don't believe exactly what he does, you're going straight to hell.

Well, this morning, they had a disclaimer from WTVU News channel 5, saying the following did not necessarily reflect the views of that channel.
Then preacher wing-nut comes on and says this is a special program pre-empting their normal church service, and he starts urging everyone to vote for the marriage amendment
and vote republican.  He asserts the MSM is biased against republicans and Foxnews is
fair and balanced.  That was in the first 3-5 minutes of his spiel.  
After listening to that with incredulity, I looked up the number for WTVU (615 -244-5000) and called them to express my horror.  Of course I had to leave a comment on a voice mail line.
I'm really confused.  I thought there was a separation of church and state and
churches doing political ads on television was a no-no.
Isn't it?  I mean can this self-rightous, smarmy, sanctimonious son-of-a-so and so
get away with this?
This is blatant politics.  He knows if the Senate goes to a dem majority, Bush won't be
able to nominate any more right -wingers to the Supreme Court.
I'm so frustrated and so angry.  
Tell me, Kossites, what can we do about this?

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