Does this sound like Standard Republican Operation Procedure?
She just makes assertions with no evidence, and tells it as loudly as she can. This much is true. If you tell a lie enough times, tell it loudly and with confidence, people will start to believe it. So Shelley puts out misrepresentations for all of us to witness, and then she comes on and tells us, "I am Shelley Moore Capito, and I approve of this ad." An incumbent should be above that.

It's nice that The Charleston Gazette called her out for that. But that's just the beginning of her problems with the truth.

Capito Bamboozalling on Foley Fund-Raising

Shelley Moore Capito is still trying hard to distance herself from the Foley sex scandal. In addition to her lack of oversight as a member of the Page Board, she's got a Foley fund-raising issue to deal with, too.
Last week, when a 27-old Democratic activist ran ads in his local paper that mentioned Capito's fundraising ties to Mark Foley both her campaign and her field congressional staff freaked out. They threatened to sue this constituent and said his political career was over in West Virginia. As if!

According to the Daily Mail article covering the controversy, the "ad details fundraisers held jointly by Capito and Foley, but her campaign said that never happened." Funny, that's not what Capito's consultant Kent Gates told the The Charlestown Gazette back on October 6. A mere month ago he admitted that Foley and Capito each received $12,000 from the P.R.O.M. fund-raiser.

Running from the Truth

It's not surprising that Capito would like to rewrite her fund-raising past. She's also taken money from or given money to 11 of the other 12 Republican members of Congress under Federal investigation

With a record like this has Shelley Moore Capito become the Kevin Bacon of Republican Corruption?

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