My husband (Timroff) is working Election Protection. He reports that a co-worker talked to a lone lady standing outside a voting place in Euclid Ohio, which is a democratic stronghold on the east side of Cuyahoga county--65 to 70% Democratic.  

The lady stated when asked that she's a Republican, and that the Republican party gave her a sign to hold that says "Democrats for Blackwell."  

There are no Democrats for Blackwell.  Ken Blackwell is the Republican candidate, and he has frought the Secretary of State's Office with scandel and backdoor dealings, the likes of which do Rove proud.

How can anyone with half a conscience stand out there with a sign like that?  Don't they get that they work for the dark side now?!

Seriously, the cognitive dissonence is astonishing.  The sheeple have been so brainwashed it's making the baby Jesus cry.  

This is a multi-level, multi-front war.   If the Rublicans are pulling this kind of evil shit, why are they still under the impression that they represent the majority, the will of the people?  The answer is that they aren't for the majority.  Why the hell don't they step down?  The powerhungry--those that profane the name of Barry Goldwater--are not going to go away without a fight.  We have to make them step down.  We have to talk it up, keep talking, keep calling, don't let this issue go.  

Don't give way to conformity.  Don't give up--Never give up, always demand more.  I personally won't be happy until we vote the way Europeans do--with little slips of paper in separate boxes.

Americans like us are tired and we long for sanity.  We are sick of the corruption and we just want to be able to trust the people who represent us!  Hell, I'm sick of talking about politics.  I'm tired of argueing.  I'd rather be painting, or fixing up my house, or volunteering at the soup kitchen, instead of witnessing the mainstream media--who did the work of hypnotizing the people--roll over for their corporate masters.

Corporations care nothing for the little people.  This Administration is a Corporate Run Facism.  Why the hell do people think the Corporate Facism will take care of them?  

It bothers me that violence is the last refuge of the incompetent, because I sure feel like breaking something.  Maybe, just maybe the polls showing Dem leads will put the 'Thugs in their place, and the margin will be too wide to have Diebold deliver another election.  

When the elections are stolen, then the voice of the people has no value.  When the voice of the people has no value, then the people have no value.  

I am a full-valued human being.  I pay my taxes and therefore my vote counts.  


Originally posted to Dania Audax on Tue Nov 07, 2006 at 09:58 AM PST.


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