Milton Friedman, the champion of free markets, died.  Friedman spent his career teaching in a private college that was supported by government grants to students.

His tenure didn't allow the free market to work.  If some professor that was more talented wanted to work at the University of Chicago they couldn't hire him.  Friedman had tenure and couldn't be fired.  The tenure ensures that the free market will not work.

His large professor's pension wasn't decided by the free market but rather through a union's collective bargain agreement.  

He died in a hospital that received a large amount of government funding though medicare and medicaid.  Many of the patients at the hospital had employer-provided health insurance that wasn't included in the compensation of the employee, but rather was deductable to the employer, another government tax break to companies that provide health insurance.  This tax break kept the free market from working. He would talk the free market, but he was a hypocrit.

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