Perusing the internets last night led me to a highly suspect entry on her blog:


It's a startling insight into the seedy underbelly of the NRA and it's racist, xenophobic followers.
Or at least it would be if it were true...

...But it's not and I'm calling her on it. Super-secret, indeed!
The NRA has no history of publishing this sort of trash, no history of involving itself in issues outside the 2nd amendment, and no history of supporting the mindset displayed by this comic.
Furthermore, she offers absolutely no evidence that the NRA is responsible for this. I find it highly suspicious that I (an actual NRA member) was not given access to this, yet somehow she was. Furthermore, a GIS of the "title" comes up empty and there's no mention of it anywhere on their website. Who made it? Who knows. Either one of those fringey right-wing groups or else some dishonest person on the left looking to paint the NRA as a fringey right-wing group.

So cough it up, lady: Prove that this comic actually came from the NRA as you claim or else explain to us why you felt the need to lie about it.

You know, if there's one thing that keeps Americans from uniting in our own best interest, it's this sort of damaging 'we vs. they' propaganda that gets spewed by the partisans on both sides.

Time to debunk the tired myth of the 'gun-totin', God-fearin', redneck' NRA constituency' once and for all:

I am a member of the NRA. I am black (African-American if you insist), socially liberal, economically conservative, well-educated, and Buddhist.
I'm not going to claim that the rednecks don't exist, but they are a small minority of the firearms enthusiasts in my area. All that I have met have been a typical cross-section of America who have one thing in common: the belief that the 2nd Amdt is a Constitutionally protected right at least as important as all the others enumerated.

But don't take my word for it and sure as heck don't take hers. Go out to your local firing range and take the time to talk to a few of these people.

I guarantee you'll discover just how badly you've been lied to. Which leads to the next obvious question: What else have you been lied to about?

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