This is a trial diary.

rserven runs the Teacher's Lounge every Saturday morning.  But it's getting too big for one person.  One aspect of that series regards thee teaching and learning that goes on here on dkos.

I thought I'd try to take that over.

More on the flip

A lot of teaching goes on here.  I think it needs a repository, a place where people could look for diaries that are educational.  Not so much about  information (or else it would cover almost every diary) but about methods, techniques, skills and so on.  Academic subjects, hobbies, skills like cooking, anything educational.

Here's a partial list of people who post educational stuff (not all every week - once the series starts, I will post links to actual diaries from the last week):

Unitary Moonbat - History
Aphra Behn -History and Canadiana
Mark H - Marine Life
shirah - Sunday Science
plf515 - statistics and math
rserven - teacher's lounge, and GLBT diaries
ArkDem14 - Literature for Kossacks (new, needs encouragement)
mkfox - Founding Fathers
BruceMcF - economics
gjohnsit - history
bonddad - economics
EmilyD - art
GreyHawk - art, literature
Devilstower - writing
eeff - Auto work
claude - Home repair
tvb, cookiebear, katepederson - What's for dinner? (cooking)
terrypinder - atlas series
mkfox - forgotten founding fathers
frankenoid - home and garden
darksyde - science

Tell me about what I've missed

But, also, tell us, the kossack community, about what you want to learn - someone here is doubtless an expert, and may be willing to teach, or recommend a way to learn

I'll start by saying I'd like to learn more about musical theory, esp. the Baroque and Classical periods, and jazz.  

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