Obama has topped Hillary AGAIN today.

Shortly after Hillary announced that she would introduce legislation capping the number of troops in Iraq, Obama has come out with a statement stating that he will introduce legislation calling for a phased withdrawl.

He's got chops my friends....

Here is a part Obama's statement....

"That is why I not only favor capping the number U.S. troops in Iraq, but believe it’s imperative that we begin the phased redeployment I called for two months ago, and intend to introduce legislation that does just that."

This was an amazingly fast reaction to Clinton's presser.  I must say that I, for one, am impressed.  

I think this move will certainly bring some doubters into Obama's fold.  People have been calling him wishy washy lately, and this should clear up some doubts, at least as far as the war is concerned.

Hillary has a real race on her hands.   If Clark does not run, I really don't have a horse in the race, and this move is making me look a little harder at Obama before I write him off as inexperienced.

For the whole statement, and a hat tip, please visit Greg at TPM Cafe

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