Inside The Fold: The Full Sunday Lineup

In the Comment Section:

  • (Video) Stupid Pet Tricks.

  • (Video) The Nightmare Continues: Children of Katrina.

  • (Video) Godspeed Barack Obama !!
  • (Video) Rummy – "BALONEY !!"

  • (Video) Cafferty - Bush LOOTED your money.

  • (Video) Cafferty – Make ‘da Republicans PAY !!

  • (Video) A Novel Way to Finance Start-ups and Medical Emergencies.
  • Happy Valentine's Day, Everybody!!

  • 60 Minutes:
    1. Michelle and Barack Obama.
    1. A profile of singer/songwriter Nora Jones.
    1. Mentally ill inmates and abusive guards.

  • Special Viewing: PBS’s American Experience: "New Orleans"
    • you can see a 30 second clip, here
    • and you can find your local time, here

  • Special Viewing: C-SPAN: State of the Black Union 2007, Sunday Morning at 3:22 AM EST
    • Jemison, Mae C. M.D. Astronaut (Fmr.), NASA
    • Ridenhour, Carlton D. "Chuck D" Entertainer
    • Scott, Robert "Bobby" U.S. Representative, D-VA
    • Joyner, Tom Talk Show Host, ABC Radio, Tom Joyner Show
    • Sanchez, Sonia Poet
    • Bennett, Lerone Jr. Author
    • West, Cornel Professor, Princeton University, African-American Studies
    • Smiley, Tavis Talk Show Host, PBS
    • Wasow, Omar Executive Editor, Blackplanet.com
    • Gordon, Bruce S. President and CEO, NAACP
    • Ogletree, Charles J. Jr. Founding Executive Director, Houston (Charles Hamilton) Institute for Race and Justice
    • Blackwell, Angela Glover Founder and CEO, PolicyLink
    • Beaty, Daniel Entertainer
    • Martin, Michel McQueen Correspondent, NPR (National Public Radio)
    • Henderson, Wade President and CEO, Leadership Conf. on Civil Rights

  • Special Viewing: Best in Show - Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Live - Monday and Tuesday Nite
    • dig up some tasty bones, here

  • MTP: Dissecting the McCain-Bush plan for catastrophe: Steny Hoyer vs John Boehner.

    David Broder (Sarcophagus-DC), Howard Kurtz (Stoogel-RNC), Roger Simon (Somnambulist-DC),  and Gwen Ifill (MSM-DC) look at the Libby Trial and the Democratic Race (yes, yes, the republican race is a bore).

  • This Week: John Kerry on withdrawl.

    Sean Penn comments on the recent mistrial of Lt. Ehren Watada, who refused deployment to Iraq.

    Gooper hopeful Mike Huckabee.

    Roundtable: Kookie Roberts, George Will, and Robert Reich.

  • CNN: Distinguished veteran, blogger, and sage, Colonel Pat Lang.

    Ron Wyden vs Crazy John Cornyn.

    Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter – Bwhahahahahahahahahhaha!!

    And Clinton fundraiser, Terry McAuliffe.

  • Face the Nation: Debating the filibuster: Chris Dodd vs Trent Lott.

  • Fox: Bigmouth Mitch McConnell vs former Army Ranger Jack Reed

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