Thanks for the memories, Dick Cheney.

(Sorry I'm not skilled in photoshopping, so you'll have to just click on the links because here pictures tell the story better than words really can.)

With this anniversary, we remember a hunter,a quail and  a face of a man shot full of holes.

To my mind, that picture of Whittington's face full of holes was picture of the year in 2006, so I was disappointed to see it turn up nowhere in any of the 2006 year in review photos in the MSM.

Here's a real photo of the ranchwhere the incident occurred. Not exactly a grassy knoll with a wall or a repository building, nor a crowded hotel room, nor a jungle with poor vision, more like a dusty Texan brush landscape. Nothing a few beers can't make more challenging.

Here's about as comprehensive an article on the incident you can get.

Let's also not forget one of the most absurd "apologies" in American history.

Here's the 'smoking gun', the actual incident report. Here's something about Dick Cheney's  history of DWI's.

Here's a profile of Harry Whittington. Here's where he was shot, because he looked like thisto Cheney.

From the Wikipedia entry on Whittington:

On February 14, hospital officials revealed that some of the lead birdshot lodged in Whittington's heart caused a minor heart attack.

Doctors do not plan to remove all the pellets from Whittington's body. They are not certain how many pellets are lodged in Whittington's body, but estimated there are "less than 150 or 200."

Here's strange compendium of all things Whittington.

And, finally, here is something strangely ironic. The "NRA Whittington Center", a hunting range facility, and "NRA adventure camp,"completely unrelated but a monument of poetic irony.

I present this diary because although I could write a lot of snarky humor, or point out the crimes straightforwardly, I found the mere visual facts tell the story best. And those visual facts tell the story of the Vice President in our most criminal Presidency ever. When we consider all the needed investigations of this regime's crimes, how can we forget this one, on its anniversary? It's the visual facts that drive its meanings home the most to me.

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