When I launched my campaign on January 30, I shared with you my purpose in running for Chair of the 4th District Congressional Committee:  to win the congressional election in 2008.  This purpose has shaped my vision for the committee and plan for the district. 

The information I am presenting here is an outline for that plan.  Specifics of each item will be available at the convention.


*Develop a vehicle for Internet donations. 

*Cultivate a diversified range of donors who can provide different amounts at different times.

*Develop new events that will generate funds and publicity

*Study the feasibility of direct mail and telephone fundraising

*Encourage small, recurring donations, similar to Democracy Bonds

Media / Communication strategy:

*Penetrate local media - local radio stations, public access channels, etc.

*Develop local bloggers in every county.

*Integrate blogs with audio and video podcasts where possible.

*Build a core group of volunteers to distribute message (letters to editor, mailing lists, etc.)

*Augment these efforts with paid advertising

Party Building:

*Survey local organizations, and build a system to match needs with resources.

*Visit local organizations on a regular basis to encourage communication

*Assist local organizations with technology needs

*Welcome packages for new members (membership cards, for example)

*Workshops on volunteer recruitment and retention and candidate recruitment and training

*Mentor Corps for volunteers and candidates


*Create website with web store and donation capabilities within 60 days

*Develop electronic newsletter to keep voters informed

*Add additional organizing abilities and a committee intranet to the district website during the first 6 months

Mission Focused Message:

*Keep Camp's pro-war record in front of the voters at all times.

*Coordinate the message on a second issue, such as the environment, spending, etc.  This message should be unified but rotated on a regular basis.

*Media contacts and bloggers will be critical to getting out the message.

Get Out The Vote:

*Identify Democratic heavy districts

*Motivate voters with our message -- door knocking, leaflet/lit drop, etc.

*Register voters

*Get out the vote

*Protect the vote -- watch for any signs of trouble on Election Day

Every part of this plan supports the mission to win the congressional election in 2008.

The Chair of a committee is just one member of a team.  If I am elected I will work with the other members of the committee to get their support and put this plan into action.  I will also seek input from other committee members and our local organizations, and ensure that such input is respected and given due consideration.

There are no marshmallow skies or candy cane trees in my vision for the district.  Victory in 2008 will require a lot of hard work, long hours, and late nights.  I do not expect this job to be easy or comfortable, and I do not expect any of us to do everything perfectly.  I wouldn't ask for your support if I didn't have complete faith in our mission and a viable plan. 

I have shared with you my values, my vision, and my strategy for victory.  I ask again for your support and your vote.  You can vote for me at the convention on February 24.

Thank you,

Christine Barry

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