As some of you might be aware, there was a municipal election today in Chicago.  While the city-wide races are not in doubt, there are many exciting aldermanic races as union locals attempt to oust aldermen who voted against the big box store minimum wage ordinance and particularly those who switched positions on the veto override vote.  There are also a couple of blood feuds between competing organizations.

Key races as I see them:


Minimum wage foe Madeline Haithcock attemps to fend off a large field which includes former alderman and convicted felon Wallace Davis.  I predict that Larry Doody will force Haithcock into a run-off and top union-backed Dave Askew.


Dorothy "The Hat" Tillman faces the stiffest competition in years from Mell Monroe and Pat Dowell in the rapidly gentrifying Bronzeville/Washington Park area.  I predict that Tillman will be forced into a run-off.


Blood feud between competing political dynasties as Sandi Jackson (wife of IL-2 Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.) invades the political turf of Darcel Beavers, daughter of former alderman and now Cook County Commisioner Willima Beavers.  While the Jackson family has a powerful organization, I believe that the Beavers will hang tough and will outright.


Indicted and scandal-ridden Arenda Troutman will lose outright against  union-backed Willie Cochran with Edward Chaney finishing a distance 3rd.


In the Battle of the Burghers, Vi Daley will face a run-off against  Michele Smith (backed by former alderman Marty Oberman) with union-backed Tim Egan coming in 3rd.  Activist Peter Zelchenko should avoid the anchorman position destined for Rachel Goodstein.


Long-time left-wing activist Helen Shiller who has been cosy with Daley lately will probably top guppie semi-invader Jame Cappleman.


Fois gras foe Joe Moore will continue to enjoy the benefits of David Orr's ward organization and win outright against a tough field of critics.


City Council dean Bernard Stone faces the fight of his life against Greg Brewer, Naisy Dolar, and Salman Aftab.  I predict that Dolar will be the beneficiary of Asian ethnic solidarity to nose out the union-backed Brewer for a run-off against Stone with Aftab a distant fourth.

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