here to dailykos on March 24th as our book discussion in an ongoing series.

Important please read-we are going to be discussing Bob Altemeyer's The Authoritarians as our book on March 24th. Altemeyer has spent his academic life researching the Authoritarian Personality and going way beyond Adorno's seminal work on this subject.

And Altemeyer will be with us for the discussion and he is bringing John Dean with him to kos.

He has just published his book as an ebook http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/... for a popular audience as he thinks it is crucial for people to understand in detail what is going on in America. (He is American but has taught at the University in Manitoba all his academic life.) His research was solely funded by himself. It seems no one else was interested in understanding this personality type that is destroying our country and threatening the rest of the world.

Altemeyer will be with us and he is bringing John Dean with him for the comments part. I am writing the review of his book which is so startling in its brilliance that all kossacks must read it. Our main complaint and focus here is bringing facts to the table that are brushed aside as crumbs to go on the floor whenever the right wing confronts them.

Why is this so? Why can't these wingnuts hear us? Why can't they see the facts and change their minds? How can we convince them?

Wonder no more. Read Altemeyer's ebook and by the time you finish chapter three you will know exactly why they can't hear us, why they can't change, in language pure and simple and effective.

Here's the link:  http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/... You are in for quite a ride, a real treat of the mind. And the chance to interact with Altemeyer and Dean. Altemeyer's research was used by Dean for his book and when the great and wonderful Firedoglake reviewed and discussed Dean's book, both Dean and Altemeyer were there for comments and discussion. This is a coup for kos to have them here and we are honored.

So get over there to read it and be prepared on March 24th. And I really hope kos will publish it alongside Anatomy of Deceit and Crashing the Gate.

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