File under Republicans are hypocritical idiots.
In "Kerryopoly," the Republican National Committee roasts the Democratic presidential candidate with an online satire of his well-heeled lifestyle.

Players begin with just $40,000 in Kerryopoly money, the average national household income. "After a few trips around the board, most players will be millions of dollars in debt, proving that John Kerry's lifestyle is out of reach and out of sync with most Americans," RNC communications director Jim Dyke said in a statement.

Three leading Republicans in the federal government -- President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee -- are multimillionaires. Asked Tuesday if their lifestyles also were out of reach of most Americans, RNC spokeswoman Christine Iverson responded "no" but declined to elaborate.

Seriously, if they are going to run a story on this "game", the least the AP reporter could do is force the RNC spokeswoman to elaborate.

Because class warfare against Kerry won't work unless, well, Bush's class is different than Kerry's. But leave it to Bush campaign to make being a millionaire a negative, as though their own guys ever had to do an honest day's work in their lives. What's next? An attack on Kerry's Vietnam service?

Oh, wait....

In reality, the Bush campaign has probably decided that class-based attacks against Republicans are working, especially in this weak economy. Hence like the Vietnam slurs, they are trying to nulify a perceived weakness by smearing Kerry. Thus, attacks that Bush and Cheney are "out of touch" because of their pedigree can be countered with, "Kerry is a millionaire too".

Forgetting, all along, that a man's net worth is not the issue. It's his desire to give every American the same opportunities to succeed that he himself once enjoyed. We can't all have rich wives or husbands, of course, but we can get access to quality education, healthcare, and a system that rewards hard work, self-sufficiency and competence. Not the way Cheney or other Republicans do business.


Read that same link above, further down the story we get this get:

A leading conservative said Tuesday that President Bush needs to change the subject from Iraq to his stated goal of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages if the Republican wants to win in November.

"If he wishes to be re-elected, then he better be upfront on this issue, because if the election is solely on Iraq, we'll be talking about President Kerry," said Paul M. Weyrich, chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation, a conservative think tank, and national chairman of an amalgam of conservative organizations known as Coalitions for America.

Proof positive that these "family values" types couldn't give a damn about families.

While mothers and fathers and wives and sons and daughters and husbands are losing their loved ones to Bush's disastrous Iraq adventure, this asshole wants Bush to "change the subject" to the subject of giving homosexuals equal rights under the law to love and cherish one another in committed, loving relationships.

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