American Research Group. 3/25-28. Registered voters. MoE 4.2% (No trend lines)

Sununu (R) 34
Shaheen (D) 44

Among Republicans

Sununu (R) 67
Shaheen (D) 17

Among Democrats

Sununu (R) 1
Shaheen (D) 92

Among Independents

Sununu (R) 32
Shaheen (D) 32

The sample was 169 Republicans, 152 Democrats, and 230 Independents.

The poll also sampled Bush's job ratings (12/06 results):

Approve 17 (36)
Disapprove 62 (59)

That's an epic collapse, with Republicans giving Bush a 42/38 approval/disapproval rating, and independents clocking in at 11/74.

Remember, Granite Staters decimated the ranks of the Republican in 2006, stripping the GOP of their two House seats, control of the both chambers of the state legislature (previously held with solid Republican majorities), as well as a couple more statewide offices. It was a wipeout of Biblical proportions.

And it looks like the NH voters aren't satiated, with Sununu next in line to take the brunt of their anger. And while Shaheen will likely not run, fact is that voters are looking for alternatives. And thanks to his votes against Iraq withdrawal and today's full Iraq Supplemental Bill, Sununu appears eager to give his home state's voters yet more reasons to kick him to the curb.

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