Other people here on DailyKos besides me sense the whiff of fascism about Rudi Giuliani:

DocGonzo, I think, said it best on April 16th:
Giuliani's a Fascist (14+ / 0-)

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Giuliani treated his NYC cops like his private army, and poor/black people as the enemy. He's a straight-up fascist, the worst wannabe fuhrer in the tradition of Hirohito, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Peron.

And if people vote for Giuliani, they'll get their chance to taste the fascist gun butt breaking in their own teeth.

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." - HST

by DocGonzo on Mon Apr 16, 2007 at 12:18:22 PM PDT

I recommended DocGonzo's comment of April 16th because I remember visiting New York when Giuliani was mayor and fearing for the poor and minorities who were at the mercy of their mayor's tactics.

Should Giuliani win the Republican primary, his so called social/cultural liberal "positions" on abortion, etc, may help neutralize those concerns in voters won over by Giuliani's threats that the Democratic nominee is weak on "terror", a tactic that is already key to his campaign rhetoric.

Giuliani is a danger to our democracy because his candidacy appeals to the worst in us and he is a shameless self-promoter willing to say anything, do anything to win power while lacking the judgment to have even provided first responders in NYC with decent communications equipment prior to 9/11 and to have set up his "anti-terror" security command post where he was told it would be safe in Brooklyn. Instead he chose the tragic target of 9/11, one of the World Trade Center buildings, for that command post.

The MSM has already anointed him as a hero of 9/11 and I have no clue why that is. Yet even some progressives seem to be in denial over what Rudi Giuliani really represents and that is worrisome.

Here's Inland's March 30th take on Rudi's proto-fascist appeal:

If he wins the Republican  primary it will be a slash and burn campaign where truth is trampled at every opportunity.

I've never trusted Giuliani and it didn't help when he became business partners with Bernard Keric, another sleazy operator.

Sorry if I'm offending New Yorkers. I lived in New York for close to a year. My husband's from new York and we've visited frequently and I saw for myself what went on under Giuliani while he was mayor.

I saw how weak the Republican field is after watching their debate, and given how weak it is, I think Giuliani has a reasonable chance to slash and burn his way to victory.  

For some here, who worry about crime, there are better ways to combat crime than creating a state of terror for poor and minorities while corruption runs rampant.

There have been several diaries about Giuliani recently. Should he win the Republican primary, I think he has a better chance than most of the other Republicans on the list to come close to winning in the General and I think that would be a terrible thing.

I hope Wes Clark will run in 2008 and I want him to know that I believe he is not only the most progressive of the candidates, the most capable of stabilizing Iraq and bringing our troops home, the most likely to bring transparency, the rule of law, and justice and equity back to us, but also the one best able to crush Rudi when he starts threatening the voters with  "terrorist attacks".

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