Hello all, your traditional constitutional libertarian Democratic-Republican (Jeffersonian) speaking. What I'm presenting today is a tactic which I believe many of you will consider self-serving, on the otherhand, there are clear benefits to what I'm suggesting for setting up for the outright destruction of the modern Republican Party... In other words, cleaning the Neo-cons out of the power structure of politics.

First, I want to state that I voted for Democrats in both the Senatorial and Congressional elections for my state and district, Sherrod Brown being the Senator in that equation, and I will continue to vote for these people until we have a non-neocon (even better anti-neocon) president in office.

There is a very clear weakness in the modern Republican party between the neocon/social communists and traditional constitutional conservatives. My suggestion will likely be dismissed, but played correctly could very well destroy the state of play in Republican politics, which is good for all of us!

My suggestion is simple, but will require cash. My suggestion? Contribute to Ron Paul's campaign. He is the sole anti-war Republican in the primary. The reasoning is quite simple. We know Ron Paul can't win this primary, but we also know that in the general election, no neocon Republican (the other 9 candidates in this case) will win the election.

My belief is that we can exploit this weakness to each others advantage. What do I have to gain from this? The destruction of the republican neocon party, hopefully followed by the building of the republican liberty party. What do you have to gain? The assured destruction of the modern Republican Party for at least a few election cycles. This destruction is happening anyways, but the speed can be increased with the tactic I'm explaining today.

Basically? Media follows wherever fundraising dollars land in this primary. My belief is that if Ron Paul posts huge gains following these debate performances, the media will be forced to take note, because it will put a lie to the popular idea that Ron Paul is only winning online debate polls because he has a dedicated and vocal internet constituency (which is in fact the only reason he is winning such polls). If the money backs up the polls, the mainstream media will have to take it in the face, and will likely be forced to cover Ron Paul.

So, my ridiculous suggestion is for us to raise enough money in small donations to put Paul on the map in this contest. Even though I think it unlikely, what I want is for Paul to come in second for the Republican Primary nomination. This will take some hardcore fixing, though hopefully some will find the value in it.

Now, in my opinion, the Democratic Party is quite strong and very unified at this point in time. The Republicans, however, are quite weak. I believe we will know the Democratic nominee before the first primary is held.

So what i also suggest is for those who know their vote won't be counted in their state to register Republican (if you have to for selecting for another parties candidate in a primary), and then vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary.

Now, keep in mind that I don't want Ron Paul to win, which is whaat makes this whole idea have any plausibility whatsoever (because he won't win). I only want him to come in second place.

The reason for this is simple. Once whichever neocon actually wins the nomination, he will lose to the Democratic nominee (I don't think any neocon will have a chance in hell this year). That lost will and should be hung on the mantle of the neocons, in order to destroy their current power within the party publicly. Ron Paul in second (especially in New Hampshire) Would show that an alternative was viable, but was set aside, hopefully giving a chance for liberty and constitutional Republicanism within the Republican Party's platform again.

Of course, I know plenty of you will see an alterior motive in this, but if can't see the spokes of the Republican Party's bicycle, how are you going to through that trusty wrench you're holding into them? Everyone knows that Paul can't be elected president, but it doesn't mean he can't help openly split the party,

The greatest thing is that the Republican Party is so disunited on their side of the aisle that they couldn't possibly engineer a similar attack on the Democratic primary, which is the underlining indicator that they are disorganized enough for us to exploit this weakness.

So yes, I'm a crazy libertarian who votes for Democrats in an effort to suffocate the power of an imperial president, but hopefully many of you can see the value in undermining the Republican primary.

My ultimate hope is that Paul gets enough faux support that he has the momentum to pull a Lieberman and run for president as an independent republican, cutting away significant numbers of voters from the GOP. Such a fracture would be advantageous for any Democratic candidate, just as Perot cut into Bush 41's support, and Clinton won with less that 49% of the vote.

If you like this bizarre plan for accelerated Republican fracturization, feel free to contribute here:

If not, then I hope you were at least entertained by this diary, and would consider recommending it. Fracture the GOP, it is the best thing for a democratic republic since sliced bread.

I forgot to add that we have to wash every neocon out of congressional races in '08. That means voting a democratic ticket for representatives and senators.

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