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According to an article up on cnn.com right now, the US military is "arming nationalist guerrillas and former Saddam Hussein loyalists -- and coordinating tactics -- in a marriage of convenience against al Qaeda radicals in one of Iraq's most violent provinces, senior U.S. commanders tell CNN."

PR b.s. or a huge escalation of the Iraqi civil war?  

Please go and read the entire article, because there are lots of frightening details contained within.

However, I am just a naive college student, and maybe I'm reading into the story too much. Maybe this is supposed to be the 'good news' that the media 'never reports.'

If so , I'm scared to be quite frank. Hopefully someone can come on the thread and explain how these developments are helpful, at all. I'm lost.

more from the article:

This new alliance, a result of the deepening divisions among Iraqi insurgent factions, was on display earlier this week at a highway intersection in the town of Tahrir. There, a group of some 15 insurgents publicly chanted: "Death to al Qaeda."

"The al Qaeda organization has dominated and humiliated Sunnis, Shiites and jihadis. It has forced people from their homes. They can't get enough blood. They killed many honest scholars, preachers and loyal mujahedeen," one of the group's spokesmen read from a written manifesto.

It's a sharp turnaround from just two months ago when the same insurgent forces were focused on fighting U.S. troops and driving them out of Diyala province, about 40 miles north of Baghdad.

U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Benjamin Mixon, commander of Multi-National Division North, believes U.S. counterinsurgency efforts in Vietnam and Latin America offer precedents for the strategy he is now pushing in this region of Iraq.

  Now, one thing I ain't so clueless about is the dismal failure of our militant foreign policy in South America. The Oliver North/Noriega-flavored 'democracy' that Reagan pushed in Central America was yet another incident in our country's racist, violent history.

We already screwed up BIG TIME in the 80s when these same neocons dumped a bunch of weapons into Iran and Iraq, depending on which way the winds were blowing. Now we are going to continue our plan for 'peace' by arming more radicals? Aren't the radical muslims the 'biggest threat America faces?"

We are truly being led by a group of insane men.

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